Log ATP 4+

Chien Lee

专为 iPad 设计

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iPad 截屏


A modern, fast and elegant app designed for airline pilots.

The main features are:
- Dark theme for better reading in the cockpit
- Hours summary
- Currency calculation
- Year summary
- Career summary
- Automatic calculations time and distance
- Logs are saved both locally and onto cloud, you will never lose your logs again
- Dropbox and Google Drive synchronizations
- Charts
- Crew related information
- and many more…

This app comes with 10 default search credits. The search credits are designed in case you forget to write down the times. All you have to do is select a date in UTC and enter a flight number. The app will be able to respond with the associated information such as aircraft type, aircraft registration, departure airport, destination airport, push back time and chocks in time. Using search function will have extra cost but it is completely optional.


版本 2000

- Added export to Log ATP 2 feature.


Rody Sobrinho

App support its only through Facebook

I don’t have Facebook account and I can’t contact the App Support through other contact sources.
I’d like to tell the developer I’m experiencing some crash after the last update. Once I try to add a new crew member the app collapses.
Also the option to upload to Google Drive isn’t working before. And after this update is not showing available anymore as well.

Please consider open a website or provide a customer support email regarding comments, suggestions and complains .



Thanks for the feedback.

The support email is: logatpx@gmail.com, I will update the support channel accordingly.

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