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Logbook Suite is a user-friendly software from yachtsmen for yachtsmen (both sailors and motorboaters) — Made in Germany. Logbook Suite includes a digital Logbook and the Logbook Add-ons, a selection of useful tools, with which you can manage tasks around your ship and your travels on yachts.
Logbook replaces the handwritten logbook on sailing and motor yachts. Yacht owners from over 40 different flag states are using Logbook on all oceans and numerous inland waterways. More and more skipper of charter yachts love the digital capture of their trips. The software is in the market since 2011 and is continuously updated and further developed—since 2016 also available as app for iPad.

The user interface of the Logbook differs from other digital logbooks because it is orientated by the traditional, hand-written logbook. Instead of computer-technical input masks you get pages with a practice-oriented layout which makes it easier to enter all relevant data into the logbook. The Logbook in Logbook Suite works completely without internet access.

When you use the Logbook on an iPad Cellular the actual position can be read from the iPad's GPS. And if you connect a NMEA onboard network to your iPad, Logbook can read the nautical data and enter them automatically into the logbook.

Logbook Suite is suited best for skippers who have used printed logbooks up to now, but want to make use of the advantages of a digital logbook. These are — in addition to the optional automatic recording of navigation data — for example the automatic analysis of the nautical data. Using the trips and the overview Logbook automatically calculates for relevant data totals as well as average values—both for every day, for a whole trip and for all entries in the logbook. Of course your logbook can be printed. Hence you can make a printed logbook for you and your crew to keep the trip in memory.

During the journey you can enter the nautical data in Logbook just like in the traditional logbook on paper. It is up to you how often and how detailed you type in your information. Or let Logbook enter the data automatically. Logbook provides for each day a page with several tabs for the nautical information and for weather information, technical notes as well as for your personal diary with photos. Besides, Logbook offers a special view where you can put in detailed information on your yacht. This makes it easier to find all important information when needed.
Thus the navigation data can be entered easily even under worse conditions Logbook presents a special view with large fields for data entry while cruising.

Logbook Suite currently contains 10 Add-ons:
• Biography – your maritime biography
• Crew – crew data, immigration forms, agreements
• BoardCash – your digital cash box
• Budget – keep track of the costs of your ship
• First-Aid Kit – first aid without having to search in the medicine box
• Inventory – keep track of your ship's storage
• Maintenance – the maintenance book for your ship
• Provisions - simple planning of provisions
• Scheduler – the visual planner for voyages and maintenance
• WorldEnsigns – a visual encyclopedia of naval ensigns

The Logbook Suite user interface is available in German, English, Dutch and Swedish, Logbook and some modules are also available in French and Spanish.
Read more about Logbook Suite — about Logbook and the Add-ons—on our website.

WARNING: Logbook Suite works only in landscape mode.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The app installs a limited version of Logbook Suite.
The limited version offers all the features of the full version, but is limited for Logbook to 5 travel days, for the Add-ons to 9 entries. If you like Logbook or one of our Add-ons, you can purchase a license convert your the limited version into an unlimited full version. On our website there is also a compatible version for MacOS and for Windows available.

Please note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.


Version 2.5

• New "Provisions" module for easy meal planning during the trip, including creation of a shopping list.
• Spanish user interface: 
• Logbook and the Logbook Suite Manager now also come with a user interface in Spanish.
• Further modules will also be available in Spanish over time via the app's internal updates.

Bewertungen und Rezensionen

Sammy432 ,

Needs work

It looks good but not fully working. I can connect it to our gofree and see all the NMEA data but it will only enter the gps info into the log. Doesn’t enter wind data, etc.

Entwickler-Antwort ,

Please contact our support. May be your setup is not correct. You will get it working - especially GoFree is perfect with Logbook Suite.

@FirstSight ,

Powerful and Useful Application That Keeps Getting Better

We are aboard a 48’ sailing ketch, and we have I been using Logbook Suite since 2014. The app, which was very good even back then, keeps getting better and better. We have it installed on both a MacBook and an iPad, but we usually use the MacBook version.

We use Logbook Suite as our principle ship’s records for navigation, journal entries, maintenance records, and inventory.

The app is stable, fairly intuitive, and comprehensive. Moreover, the customer service and tech support, when we’ve needed it, are second to none.

I highly recommend Logbook Suite and it’s add-ons.


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