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El programa de entrenamiento cerebral gratuito de Lumosity es una manera divertida e interactiva de crear un hábito diario para adquirir conocimientos y aprender cómo piensas. Con más de 90 millones de usuarios en todo el mundo, Lumosity ofrece un programa de entrenamiento cerebral completo diseñado para poner a prueba tus habilidades de pensamiento crítico, memoria y resolución de problemas.

Comienza tu hábito de entrenamiento cerebral con una Prueba de nivel de 10 minutos gratuita para establecer tu punto de partida y ver cómo te comparas con personas de tu edad. Con Lumosity Premium, entrenarás con un programa personalizado, desbloquearás análisis detallados sobre cómo juegas y recibirás consejos para mejorar tu precisión, velocidad y estrategias.

¿Todo listo para disfrutar de juegos cerebrales desafiantes y divertidos? ¡Descarga Lumosity hoy mismo!


- Más de 30 juegos mentales que desafían las habilidades cognitivas y académicas básicas, incluidos:
- Juegos de rompecabezas
- Juegos de memoria
- Juegos de resolución de problemas
- Juegos de lógica
- Juegos de pensamiento crítico
- Juegos de matemáticas

- Juegos seleccionados cuidadosamente para ti
- Juegos que usan tus hábitos y preferencias de entrenamiento para encontrar diferentes maneras de desafiar tu cerebro
- Mejora tu entrenamiento con juegos nuevos

- Analiza tu manera de jugar para mejorar tu entrenamiento
- Conoce tus puntos fuertes, débiles y patrones cognitivos

Somos un equipo de científicos y diseñadores explorando nuevas formas de impulsar la investigación cognitiva. Basándose en tareas cognitivas y neuropsicológicas comunes o en ejercicios experimentales propios, nuestros científicos trabajan con diseñadores experimentados para transformar estas tareas en juegos que desafían habilidades cognitivas básicas.

También trabajamos con más de 40 instituciones académicas de todo el mundo y ponemos nuestras herramientas a disposición de investigadores cualificados para investigar nuevas áreas de la cognición. Te invitamos a entrenar con nosotros mientras exploramos el potencial del entrenamiento cognitivo.


Lumosity ofrece los siguientes tipos de suscripciones:
1 mes: $11,99
1 año: $59,99

Estos precios son válidos para clientes en los Estados Unidos (EEUU). Los precios en otros países pueden variar y los cargos realizados pueden ser convertidos a tu moneda local, dependiendo de tu país de residencia.

Su suscripción a Lumosity Premium se cobrará a través de su cuenta de iTunes. Al final del período, su suscripción se renovará automáticamente a través de su cuenta de iTunes. Se le cobrará el precio normal de su suscripción en las 24 horas anteriores al término del período actual. Puede desactivar la renovación automática en la configuración de iTunes, pero debe hacerlo al menos 24 horas antes de que termine el período actual. No se efectuarán reembolsos por la parte no utilizada de ningún período.

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Versión 9.75.1

Hola, entrenador cognitivo: Si inicias sesión con Apple, podrás acceder y gestionar tu cuenta de Lumosity con tu ID de Apple. ¡Además, iniciar sesión será más fácil usando tu correo electrónico o el reconocimiento biométrico: Face ID y Touch ID! ¡Que disfrutes tu entrenamiento!

Valoraciones y reseñas

4.7 de 5
81.6 mil valoraciones

81.6 mil valoraciones

ange16 ,

Recovery from Brain Injury

My doctor recommended brain games after I was diagnosed with a brain stem injury after getting hit by an 18 wheeler. I have lost 11 points off my IQ (I explained it felt like 10), and then when he should me my current IQ, I was like wow, it wasn’t 10 it was 11! Can’t make that up. He suggested Sudoku, crossword puzzles, etc., and the battery of exercises in his office. However I also see sustained injuries which required two surgeries and make writing very difficult. I feel so blessed to have found this app for reinforcement, redevelopment and further development. I am new here but, I have realized positive results in two weeks. The diagnostic tool that measures improvement, or lack there of, is a great motivator as well. Thank you guys, this is exactly what I needed, and more cost-effective than seeing the neuropsychologist twice a week... the savings in gas, aggravation in traffic, etc. So it paid for itself in a week! So, keep those games coming! My favorites are the Road Race and the math problems!

anonynous sender ,


I don’t write reviews, ever, but I NEED this off my chest. I saw this app on some commercial on a game I play and thought it would be fun. It would help me rewind, make my brain work faster I guess, and, overall, rework my brain with its speed, attention and math, just like it was advertised. I downloaded, set up an account, went through the tests only to discover that Lumosity only worked well if you spent MONEY. You only get 3 games with the free version, can’t do the math portion and it won’t track you as a person. It’s horrible! Do not recommend! I’m only giving this two stars because if you’re not like me, and have money to spend on useless things like this, it might be worth your time. But it’s not worth mine and anyone who is just looking for a nice app to relax playing and learn a bit at the same time.

My recommendations? Add a few more aspects to the FREE mode. Here’s one way: have half the games unlocked, the other locked for premium. Example: if you have 50 games, 25 of could be for free, and the 25 have to unlocked by paying. And don’t leave one option out, like you did with the math games. Have at least one. Also, add a tracking mechanism to the free one that is set up individually, and add a more highly functional one to the premium aspect. I don’t care honestly, just make it more than 3 games so I don’t get burnt out in 2 minutes and maybe this game would be worth it, because right now, it’s really not.

Respuesta del desarrollador ,

Sorry for any confusion! We offer our free members 3 different games per day in their daily workout. Those 3 featured games can be played as many times as you wish that day at NO cost. And each new day brings 3 more different games in the daily workout.

Scienristry ,

Terrible customer support

I’ve been automatically billed for a monthly Lumosity subscription for close to 9 months, but each time I’ve tried to use the app, I’m locked out of the premium content *that I have been paying for*, and shown a screen giving me the option of signing up for a premium membership. Absolutely frustrating. After several attempts, I was able to get in touch with a Lumosity customer service rep whom I sent screenshots of my billing statements. The rep said I hadn’t been a subscriber according to their system since May 2018, and that Apple, rather than Lumosity, was in charge of handling refunds. Alright, that doesn’t solve the problem of the app not working as it should, but if I can get a refund for the months I haven’t had access to the app (since May 2018), I could be ok with that.

I contact apple, and the maximum refund they offer is for a single month’s charge. Oh also, according to Apple, I still had an active subscription, so then the rep James at Lumosity not only failed to fix my issue of the app not unlocking content I had paid for, he gave incorrect information about my subscription status, and furthermore, didn’t seem interested in actually helping me resolve my issue. So ~$12 x 8 down the drain, and neither Lumosity nor Apple will take responsibility, it seems.

Respuesta del desarrollador ,

Hi there,
We are absolutely committed to ensuring that you get access for the duration of your subscription. Please ask for your ticket to be escalated per your App Store review, and we will both look into it and speak to the agent about your prior correspondence. Sorry for the hassle and thank you for taking the time to write a review here.


Lumos Labs, Inc.
257.4 MB

Requiere iOS 11.2 o posterior. Compatible con iPhone, iPad y iPod touch.


Español, Alemán, Coreano, Francés, Inglés, Japonés, Portugués

Compras dentro de la app
  1. Lumosity Premium $11.99
  2. Lumosity Premium $11.99
  3. Lumosity Premium $11.99


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