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4.6 out of 5
2.8K Ratings

2.8K Ratings

MikeW_CCR ,

100% Awesomeness

I couldn't love this app anymore. Before I found this app I was about to pay another company several hundred dollars per month for my roofing company's ability to measure roofs. Then I found this app and it does everything I need it to do for free. The measurements are VERY precise. I've ordered 100's of Eagleview Aerial reports with measurements in the past and have measured many of them with this app as practice to see how close I can get to their measurements and they are right on the money most every time. I'm not even sure what all else this app has the ability to do but for what my company and I need, it is perfect. Awesomess!!! Love it!

LostFilms ,

Frozen APP for 5 weeks

SECOND UPDATE: I still cannot see my old saved maps.

UPDATE: emailed and messaged the company from my email and two of my employee’s mapulator account. I made sure to tell them NOT to update their app. I got a reply saying they would contact me when the changes were made. 5 weeks… no app. 50 maps from clients frozen in the app. The new version doesn’t even slow you to export your maps to fellow users. How do I know? Desperately I downloaded the app on my wife’s phone to use. Can’t select the map type (apple or Google was an option in the past) Google map has a massive cloud on top of the parcel I need to measure. So once again I’m out of luck. The app was perfect 2 years ago. Please give me that downgrade. Working with a client right now. Downloaded the most recent update thinking there would be some improvements since they are increasing the monthly subscription price. Now the app is frozen and good for nothing. It is embarrassing for me to be doing this in front of the client. App used to work reliably at 99. Cents a month. Now at 1.49 a month it does nothing! How do I go back to the previous update without loosing all my saved maps? I have 50 maps or more that are saved in the app!

Developer Response ,

Thank you for the review. We appreciate your feedback and we're sorry you had a bad experience with our app. We've taken note of your feedback. If you want to discuss this further, please visit or email
Team Mapulator

Godfirst1406 ,

Good tools but horrible location services

When you search and address it does not take you to that address. It drops a pin on the correct place however as you zoom in to try to see the location, the pin moves leaving you unaware of the address that you are trying to find.
If only it would drop a pin, or display an address over the searched property that would stay as you zoomed in to actually help you locate the property.
This seems to be a very user friendly app with many useful tools but if you can not locate the place that you are trying to measure it is basically useless.
I would hope that I’m just doing something wrong but have used other such apps and seem to be able to figure them out quite easily. I have been messing with this app for the past 30 minutes and the only way to find an actual place to measure is by searching somewhere that I know so that when the dropped pin moves miles from where it should be I can still locate it by streets and the picture.

Q220987654321 ,

Great App, one suggestion

App is fantastic. Maps areas with precision. Easy to adjust and edit.

One suggestion for dev, when you long press on outline circles to adjust area it would be great if these became transparent and maybe added a crosshairs to pinpoint more clearly when adjusting. App is great and will continue to use but this would add an additional layer of ease and accuracy. When placing/adjusting the dots now there’s unwarranted guess work.

Developer Response ,

Thank you for the review. Your suggestion has been duly noted and holds great value to us. We appreciate you taking the time to share your feedback with us, and we look forward to serving you better in future releases. Team Mapulator

footsquare ,

Doesn’t seem to work for me

Search to find your location and it drops a pin (good). When you zoom in, the pin moves all over the place and you lose your location (bad). It should zoom in to your location and keep the pin at that location.

I have not been successful at calculating the square feet of my irregular shaped driveway. I can only calculate square feet of a square or rectangle. The draw feature does not function so I can’t draw the shape of the driveway. So I tried drop/drag pins, but to move a pin you put your finger over it and can’t see the map, therefore you can’t drag the pin accurately. Maybe it’s me. I’ll keep at it. Can’t find online documentation.

Wmbg va ,

Great app

I run a police tactical team and I have Negotiations cables that need to be deployed for the throw phone. I have my negotiators use to app to check the distance from the command post to the target location to see how many spoils of cable will be needed and if the command post need to be moved. I love this app and shared it with my entire region in Virginia. Can you advise me what extras are given when you pay the $6.99 fee?

Developer Response ,

Thank you so much for that. From this version onwards we have all the current pro features free of purchase while retaining the Ads. We are soon gonna be launching some more features which will be part of the purchase you just made. We will keep you posted for all that new features that's coming up without purchasing again.

LogiSian Support

DJLayinLo ,

My ‘go-to’ app for measuring land

I found this app by chance a few years ago. It allowed me to measure some area but also gave me a better view than Google maps. I liked that the maps were taken in the winter. This makes it easier to see through the trees to measure land. Now you can select which map you want or use a generic street representation. It’s humble price shouldn’t fool you, it is a solid tool. Great job to the dev team!

- LL

Developer Response ,

Thank you for the review. We appreciate you taking the time to share your feedback with us and we look forward to serving you better in future releases. You can send us suggestions by visiting
Team Mapulator

hgfugf ,

Fatal flaw

I wonder how sometimes developers can miss a basic flaw that makes a program useless. This could be a standby tool for me and my business. unfortunately there a silly but fatal flaw. when you search an address the app sticks a pin— all zoomed out but good so far.... then when you zoom in to the pin, it doesn’t remain affixed to the destination. It leaves you completely unable to guess where your searched location is by the time you get zoomed in enough to make the app useful. Isn’t it a pretty easy fix to have the pin remain in the searched for location as you zoom in?? Too bad.

Developer Response ,

Hey, sorry for that. We will fix that for you. Thank you for putting it through our thick heads!

TTexasTom ,

Super helpful

We had the task of putting up fences and this program was unbelievably helpful! It not only allowed us to layer on where each Fence would be, but also showed us in near real time where we were in relation to our new fences. I gave them five stars because of the time it saved our ranch hands in developing new pastures.

Developer Response ,

Thank you for the review and we appreciate the time taken to write. We look forward to serving you better in the future releases. You can send us suggestions by visiting https://mapulator/feedback. Happing Mapping!

ausmani ,

Fell in love with this app in 5 minutes

Simplest app I was looking to measure distance over water which sometimes any of the map apps don’t allow you to do easily.
User interface is not so intuitive and the functionality is also very limited but gets the job done, loving it.

Developer Response ,

Thank you for the review, we would love to hear more from you. Please write to us at we’ll help you with understanding the app better.