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An evidenced-based fertility monitoring application that includes the ability to track multiple natural indicators of fertility, including the latest in hormonal monitoring technology. This application is based on 15 plus years of university based development and research in fertility awareness-based methods. Over 3,000 plus women are currently using our online fertility monitoring system and have requested bringing this experience in an app form for easy access.

Features of the Marquette Fertility Tracker (App):

Ability to choose multiple natural fertility indicators – including
- basal body temperature
- cervical mucus changes
- ovulation predictor kit (LH)
- electronic hormonal fertility monitor (ClearlBlue Easy)
A refined menses/period bleeding assessment
A drop down menstrual cycle symptom list

For those women/couples wishing to avoid pregnancy the Marquette system of NFP
is close to 100% with correct use and 88-92% with typical use.
- there is a built in automatic system of calculating the estimated days of fertility based on our research
- 92% typical use efficacy when used with the electronic hormonal tracking system
For those who wish to use the method/app for achieving pregnancy:
- we recommend having focused intercourse on High and Peak fertile days

Easy to use and unique features:
- Calendar system of viewing the menstrual cycle
- automatic notification when menstrual cycle is out of the norm
- notification for possible pregnancy
- shades of Red for levels of menstrual bleeding
- blue shading for fertility
- quick access to input fertility indicators

Research Based Evidence studies include:
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Ratings and Reviews

2.2 out of 5
19 Ratings

19 Ratings

jjpoir ,

Could be great, BUT crashes often

I want to LOVE this app, but I can’t. So I currently use it & Kindara & enter the basics in to the Fitbit app, so it reminds me when my period will start. I was thrilled when Marquette Method finally came out with an app, but it is not all it should be! We have been using MM since the birth of our surprise 5 year old & the Method it amazing...the app should be too! I am a busy mom of 4 & rarely get to enter my start date on day 1...this app HATES that, it crashes when I try to change my start date. We are essentially phase 3 only since we are strictly TTA, so it isn’t the day number so much as the PPHLL that I need, so I’m still using it, but because it does not work well & does not show real cycle days for past cycles, I cannot give up Kindara.
It hasn’t been updated in a LONG time, please update to fix the crashing & many other bugs mentioned in the reviews!

Katfisch20 ,

Love this app!

I haven’t had any real issues with the app crashing like others have said. Sometimes if I try to change things from a previous day it mess with the app. I appreciate the way I can enter in everything and it’s visibly all there. One person said the choice to choose condom or withdrawal is against church teaching and should t be an option. If you choose that choice, it lets you know that not a form of NFP and that if your having difficulties with this method to contact and NFP counselor!

My only complaint about the app is I’ve had times I forgot to restart my cycle and it has issues understanding if I’m already days into my cycle, so I’ve had to delete a whole cycle these throwing off the way my cycles look overall.

MarquetteUser ,

Bugs make it nigh unusable

This app is really buggy. The most annoying set of bugs center around trying to enter the last 5 cycles of data. It's actually impossible to do this. The minute you enter an old cycle date it flips out and makes you end the cycle. And it doesn't even calculate the cycle length correctly unless you put in some data for the last day.

I almost sent this as in-app feedback, but that doesn't work either!

Two stars because once the bugs are fixed, it'll be nice to have an app specifically for Marquette. But only two stars because the execution is embarrassingly sloppy.


Richard Fehring
12.8 MB

Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.



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