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Memorizing Times Tables (multiplications tables) is important for children to advance in their math skill. We made MathApp - Times Table to help your child to memorize times table with more fun and challenging way by providing interactive, game-like environment.

Benefit of MathApp - Times Table includes:

1. Kids can quickly memorize Times Table with Answer On and Off switch right on the times table display.

2. Take a quick test on a single question, or let the questions to continue for the whole table of choice.

3. Answer each question as quickly as possible to earn higher score. Test timer will challenge your child to memorize more times table so they can record higher score in each game.

4. There are four levels that MathApp - Times Table provides; Times table up to 10x10, 12x12, 16x16 and times tables up to 20x20. We recommend your child to start with 10x10 mode first, and increase levels as your child is comfortable with times tables of lower levels.

5. Masters Test mode for ultimate challenges on math times tables skill. You can select between two different Masters Test modes; 50 questions, 100 questions and Custom test with a set of selected numbers!

6. Adjustable question timer length:
* 5 sec : Ultimate challenge! Need to answer each question in 5 second!
* 10 sec: Normal length suitable for most of players
* 15 sec: Good for practicing advanced times tables for 16 or 20 modes.
* 20 sec: Relaxed mode. Good for little kids starting to learn times tables.
* Timer Off: Freeze the clock if you feel nervous with a timed test. (Please note that 'Time Bonus Points' are not added to score when timer is turned off.)

- Sound options include Kids, Simple and Off.

- High Score display shows the type of test taken for each high score entry.

- Customizable Master's test where you can choose the numbers you want to focus on for the test.

** Note regarding scoring system (related to a review comment): MathApp - Times Table uses smart scoring system where the test scores are calculated based on difficulty level of the times tables. If you take a test with 1 x 1 = 1, 1 x 2 = 2, 10 x 1 = 10, 10 x 2 = 20 types of questions only, the total score will be very low even if you answer all of the questions correctly. You will need to memorize higher numbers tables, and try to answer each question as quickly as possible to record higher scores. This smart scoring system motivates your child to memorize more times tables. **

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Hodnocení: 3

ScottA1 ,

Ok but room for improvement

What this app offers is a good way to learn multiplication one number at a time something you can't do in math board. However...

The high scores should records what number or numbers were tested. You need to know the highest possible score cam be for a given test. It would be nice to be able to set the number of question in a quiz then instead of a score be told the percent correct and them elapsed time to complete, more think math board.

abumagan ,

Key to Mental Math

The key to mental math is memorizing our multiplication tables. Aim for 5 streaks in a row for each table and you will see an amazing progress.

5467890lp ,

Math App - Times Tables

This is not working on the ipad but it will work on the iPhone. Why not fix it?

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