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Learning math can be tough sometimes. Math Classroom Challenge is a version of an educational 3D game designed to help young and old alike enjoy solving a variety of mathematical exercises. The game allows you to generate different problems, such as additions and subtractions and others, which must be solved. A water hose is used to select the numbers and solutions.

There are two types of panels: static panels require searching for numbers on stage, with the help of Benny the puppy. Dynamic panels appear some seconds with three possible solutions. At the end the game shows the results in a final screen.

This new version 2.0 has been completely reprogrammed and two new scenarios have been added, one where the player can play in the beach with the sea, and another in space, where he/she ca
n also collect rocks to obtain Helium for the fusion reactors on Earth.

Adapted and designed for all ages with simple music and elements that are compatible with kids. In fact, they can enjoy the game just watching Benny, or learn the numbers while flying. The new spatial rocket makes solving math even more attractive for kids. Enjoy playing, and enjoy math.


Versión 2.0

Version 2.0 now ready! This is an enhanced version of Math Classroom Challenge with two new scenarios: the first one is "Seaside Math", where the player can enjoy math while swimming in the sea. The second scenario is even more challenging: solve math on the Moon while searching moon rocks to extract the helium for the fusion reactors on Earth, the clean and ecological future for humanity. 

This version also adds a Teddy bear, try to throw some water to add points to your score!

The game is also updated for iOS 12 and has been extensively tested on the last phones to get the best image quality. Thank you for your support!


Ignacio Campomanes Diez
1.1 GB

Requiere iOS 11.0 o posterior. Compatible con iPhone, iPad y iPod touch. Apple TV.



Clasificación 4+
© 2017-19 I. Campomanes


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