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Are you worried about passing your community college math course?

Stuck on a tough math homework problem or need help completing a math quiz?

Don’t worry, Intellecquity is here to help.

We can help you with the following college math topics:

* Word Problems
* Statistics & Probability
* Precalculus & Calculus
* College Algebra
* and much more.

Here's how Intellecquity works:

1. Snap a picture of your College Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus, Statistics, Precalculus or any math problem for that matter. Our tutors will help solve any college math problems.

2. Receive a step by step solution that shows you the method of solving the math problem.

3. Save all the answers you have received to help you study.

Why use us?

1) Get expert math help from the best math tutors available 24/7.

2) Up to 90% cheaper than traditional face-to-face or online math tutors!

3) Learn from the comfort of your own phone.

Here's what our students say about our app:

“Intellecquity has been great. It's not your typical tutor style coaching, but instead, a 24/7 college math help service where you can ask professional tutors questions that you cannot solve. I wanted an immediate person that I could ask, a real person who could explain what the problem was/how to solve it, is logical and easy to follow steps. I found that Intellecquity was the only solution out there. It's a great app, great math tutors, recommend it to all.” - Quinn, Community College Student

"The fastest Math Tutor App in the United States of America!!!" - Julie, Community College Student

“This app is a great statistics solver, not to mention it also helps with math word problems” - Jayden, Community College Student

"I really like the app. It helps me a lot whenever I need it the most. Sometimes I’m doing homework at night and when the teachers are sleeping, I have no one to ask. But with Intellecquity there are math tutors at night too and that's a big advantage" - Ana, University


Versión 9.5

This release fixes some existing performance issues.

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1,3 mil valoraciones

1,3 mil valoraciones

USCMike ,

Most useful math tutor app

The app is the most useful math tutor app. It does not just give you answer to problems. The problems are worked out in a step by step manor so that it actually teaches the concept. The fact that the tutors responds so quickly makes it that much better! If any step is unclear in the problem solving process- you can ask and get follow up clarification. Worth every penny!

Respuesta del desarrollador ,

Thank you for your support! I hope our service helped you in your studies.

payne254 ,


I had 20 questions before the app was I dated and now they are not giveing me my 20 questions or money back. They will just tell you “we will look into it” and do absolutely nothing about it. They get questions wrong and if they are wrong you get no refund or your questions back. You have to keep buying and buying questions & use more and more of them. Especially if your problem has more than one step but the few steps are the problem. You will have to 3 different pictures meaning you will use up to 3 questions that you have purchased just for one problem to be solved step by step. They take over an hour to answer simple questions and do not do their job good at all until you go complain to them. If people have to complain for you to give them their money’s worth then you don’t need to be doing business. They are very slow, unprofessional and irresponsible. This is my opinion from trying to this app for a month. I do not recommend this kind of help to anyone. It’s robbery

Respuesta del desarrollador ,

Hi Alec, we apologise for the issue that you have faced. As communicated with you over email, we have provided you 30 questions (an extra 10 questions for free) as an apology. We'll work extremely hard to ensure this doesn't happen again.

shontapugh ,

Recent Update Ruined the App

I had prior issues with problems being answered in a timely manner. However, the customer service that I received was outstanding and made up for any issues that I had. Today I was attempting to help my son solve a math problem and was directed by the app to update my version of the app. Upon doing so, I was take to the App Store where I downloaded the newer updates. I pressed open when the updates were completed and sent back to the App Store for a required update! Now I have been caught in a circular roller coaster of the app itself requiring an update and the App Store sending me back to the broken app! I have tried deleting and re-downloading but it is continuing to do the same thing. Please fix this issue immediately!

Respuesta del desarrollador ,

Thank you so much for the kind words! We are working on improving the app all the time, but we will always do our best with customer service. Kind Regards

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