SONIFACE is an...
Audio sketchbook, sound canvas, experimenting tool for pro and beginner.

Soniface is powerful in creating ambiences & immersive scenes, variations of harmonies as well as beats & rhythms. The combining of sound & visuals in a music instrument leads to unconventional creative approaches. Soniface is modular, generative and enables acting in process as well as techniques like automation, random & loop recording.

-Multi-touch based grid synthesizer with audiovisual effects (sound synthesis, filters, frequency
-modulation, vibrato, tremolo, panning, reverb, ...)
-Drum Machine with Synth / Sample combination and effects (Filter, Echo, Distortion, Chorus)
-Sampler with natural sounds, library and effects (Filter, Echo, Distortion, Chorus)
-Color harmonies (fifth circle after the color piano by Scriabin)
-Mic Recording
-In-app Help
-Unlimited number of instruments (Mazes)
-Pattern Song mode
-Extended memory functions
-Master Sound Recording
-Video Recording
-Maze Motion Recording
-Harmony & sampler sequencer
-Advanced sampler library
-MIDI input with for effects, harmonies, grid trigger & drums

#You like to make a harmony out of geometric shapes?
Explore multi touch & find a way to change colors...

#You like to make a beat?
Focus on the Rhythm Interface - set drums into 3 circles (bass, snare, hi-hat), put filters, distortion or echo...

#You like to make deep soundscapes?
Go to the sampler, check the library or use your microphone to record your voice or environment. Make loops and put sound effects on it, like reverb, echo & chorus...

Despite the masses of features, Soniface can be a tool to calm down and transform your mood into something different, something unexpected, it can take you on a journey... a journey into sound spaces of which YOU are the architect!
So keep it slow, minimalistic, and, most importantly, keep yourself comfortable!

#Don‘t hesitate!
You will get free updates! Therefore it is better to purchase today than tomorrow, if you'd like to support further development. There are masses of amazing features on our TODO list...

"Complex and well thought out, endless possibilities."
"This is a space age futuristically complex, personal composition, feeling machine of sound vibrations turned into emotions of the soul."
"These people know music as well as sound synthesis. Simply ground breaking…"
"Brilliant innovative strange"
"I am looking forward to seeing how proficient I am with this in 3 or 4 years…"
"In any case it’s an interesting app to get lost in for hours…"

The journey started in 2012 and Mazetools became a catalyser for many thoughts and experiments about the combining of geometric visuals, cymatics, color-note connections, sound synthesis, futuristic input methods or projection possibilities...

The release of Mazetools Soniface 1.0 in May 2017 has been made possible through a scholarship from the EU, the german federal state of Saxony-Anhalt, diligent testers, institutions AND of course our mentors, friends and families, who all gave us positive feedback. Thank you very much!

Many enthusiasts are certainly looking for specific pro features. Because we want to be cross platform useable few things still need some time! Currently we‘re just two guys with families and we are independent (no ba, vc or big company behind). Our story is characterized by passion and you‘re welcome to support us :)

Stephan Kloss (idea, design & development of Mazetools) and Jakob Gruhl (operative, support, mediator) met in 1999 as teenagers making Hip Hop and electronic music. Now, 20 years later, we have the pleasure to produce and perform with our own tool, what still feels unbelievable. So, enjoy all the demo content we put into Soniface!

Visit our websites Mazetools & Ectoplastic or You‘re welcome to follow us on Youtube/mazetoolslab and Instagram/mazetools for the latest news and videos.

What’s New

Version 2.01

Mazetools Soniface 2.0 contains huge improvements of performance, sound quality, visuals, user interface design, help function, connectivity & many of new demo scenes and songs! Especially the Sound, Sampler and the Rhythm Interfaces have been improved fundamentally with new sound effects. A sample now can be linked to the Grid and played. Soniface now includes Ableton Link to synchronize musical tempo, a Drum Sample Controller with library as well as new soundscape samples. The Recording Menu includes the new possibility to record and loop the Maze movements on the grid.

The Sound Interface now contains a Low-Pass resonance filter and a High-Pass Filter. The hexagon function changes the number of grid tones played. The Colorshift function serves to shift the color assignment on the grid and increases the variance of the basic tones. A Grid trigger playback on/off function enables to switch between a the permanent sound and the playback after triggering the grid by touch or mouse.

The Sampler Interface is now also displaying the wave shape of mic recordings. The >Sample to Grid< function transfers the current sample to the Grid tones and the Sound Interface controllers will work with the sample. There are new sounds in the sample library from the baltic sea & Japan. New sample playback functions have been added (Play at begin/end after/before pattern switch). The new effect rack contains Low-Pass, High-Pass, Chorus, Echo, Feedback & Distortion for samples.

The Rhythm Interface now includes a drum polyphony on/off function. The Drum Sound menu contains a new Drum Sample controller and a drum sample library. The Sampler link function can be enabled to use a sample from the Sampler Interface as drum element. A Spatial audio on/off switch has been added to arrange the drums via the Maze position in surround sound. The new effect rack contains a Low-Pass, High-Pass, Chorus, Echo, Feedback & Distortion for drums.

The Physics was enriched by a LFO function for Low-Pass filter. The Tunes Interface by a Grid-Arpeggiator bending function which extends the variance of the tones played automatically.

The Setup Menu contains an improved Quality mode as well as the option to zoom in/out the complete user interface. The on/off switch for multi-touch enables to change the position of several Mazes simultaneously by several fingers. Multi-touch gestures have been changed for 4 fingers (rotation for reverb length) and 5 fingers (rotation for drum volume and distance for drum filter).

Ratings and Reviews

4.8 out of 5
12 Ratings

12 Ratings

skiphunt ,

Abstract Alien Spacecraft Joyriding!

The more I explore... the more I finally figure out how stuff works... and the more info I get from other users... the more I really love this app.

It’s never cut and dried clearcut like a legacy tool you might be familiar with... but once you figure out the ignition switch, where the gas pedal is, and how to shift gears... taking this alien 👽 spacecraft out for abstract joyrides can be a rewarding stellar hoot. :)

I think the reason most of the videos sound similar is that there’s only one dude (the dev) posting them, and that’s his style. A lot of the default settings are also set up to sound like what you see/hear in the videos. Once you start clearing the face panels and starting from scratch, as well as loading up your own samples... you can get VERY interesting and varying stuff from it.

It’s definitely not for everyone, but for those who dig flying like ya stole it on alien spacecraft joyrides to abstract destinations unknown... its worth the initial frustration of trying to figure out how to hotwire the dang thing. ;)

Developer Response ,

Thank you skiphunt!

Oceans in space ,

Brilliant innovative strange

Hails to Scriabin composer who would be proud you implemented the color piano. This is the most interesting app with lofty art style and huge sonic rewards for the “strange” interface. So as a beginner with 2 days I love it but just needs a manual and tips and tricks type thing. The drum machine makes sense yet the grids and color piano confuse me although I am programming them with ‘magnetic effect. This is a space age futuristically complex, personal composition, feeling machine of sound vibrations turned into emotions of the soul. Cheers

Developer Response ,

Hi! Thank you very much for your feedback! A few tips and tricks you can find on lab. We're also working currently on more tutorials. Kind regards!

Yoyoyuyuyiyioo ,

Better drums

Love the app, but we really need better drum samples! Come on guys u can make it happen please! :)

Developer Response ,

Thanks a lot Yoyoyuyuyiyioo! We're currently working on it to realize it asap. Stay tuned! Best, Jakob (Mazetools)


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