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Why not train your brain and learn a language at the same time? Play MemoLingo and memorise new vocabulary in 10 languages fast and effortlessly.

The game is based purely on sounds and images and uses the age-old method of trial/error and repetition. Learning becomes totally effortless. That’s because MemoLingo has all the main ingredients of an addictive game.


FOCUS ON LISTENING - Sounds are your only clues. Train your ears and learn languages like a toddler.

REAL ACHIEVEMENTS - Keep track of the actual words you have learnt, not some meaningless scores. Supplement your school studies or exam revisions with MemoLingo to help you memorise that vocabulary list.

QUICK - Pick it up for a game when you have a minute and pick up a few more words. No need to sit through whole lessons or modules. Try it out on the way to your next holiday destination!

SIMPLE CONTROLS - No typing, just listen and tap. Perfect for complete beginners of all ages (even babies!) and anyone seeking to master basic vocabulary.

MemoLingo is currently available in the following languages:
1. Dutch
2. English
3. French
4. German
5. Italian
6. Japanese
7. Korean
8. Mandarin
9. Russian
10. Spanish
More languages to come.

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Verze 1.2

Redesign of game flow, now split into levels that unlock with progress.

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4.3 z 5
Hodnocení: 19

Hodnocení: 19

Hbeard44 ,


I have only played with Spanish for about 10 min, but it is good to associate words with pictures.

Llrhode ,

Great app

I love this app. I learn by repetition and this is a memory game of matching a picture to a spoken word.

Grandmalori36 ,

Fun free app

Enjoying learning German and this app is helping me along the way!

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    Se zapnutým Rodinným sdílením bude moci tuto aplikaci používat až šest členů rodiny.

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