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Metal Calculator is a tool with history tape & reusable calculations useful in a wide range of applications commonly employed by students, engineers, architects, builders and material traders.
* Calculator accepts inputting any dimension / weight in units independent of each other. For example, width can be entered in inches, while height in millimeters and length in yards or meters.
* All parameters (currencies, cm-inch, Fe-Au) can be changed on the fly.

Unit System:

* Properties can be displayed in either the original English units or converted to metric with the click of a button.
* Both Imperial and Metric systems are supported and can be mixed at will in both for both input & output.

Available Materials:
* Steel
* Titanium
* Copper
* Aluminum
* Gold
+ 20 metals...

* Select currency (USD, RUB, EUR, GBP, CHF, JPY, CNY) and/or enter its equivalent in USD.
* Select unit: centimeters (cm) or inches (in).
* You can modify each material’s price by selecting it in the list and entering value in the field above.
* If custom price is zero, the app uses default price.
* All parameters can be changed on the fly.

* Choose object type.
* Choose material using slider at the top of the window or select it in the list.
* Enter required values in blue fields or change them using sliders.
* Price, volume and weight parameters are calculated on the fly.
* Click Save to add new entry to the history tape below.

* Select current object using slider and up/down buttons.
* You can delete current object by clicking "-" button.
* You can look at the object from different angles using vertical slider, dragging the mouse and via mouse gestures.


Aleksandr Varaksa
6.1 МБ

OS X 10.11 or later, 64-bit processor


English, Russian

Rated 4+
© 2017 Aleksandr Varaksa


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