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Luis Fernando Garcia Perez

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Let your wireless gamepad be your favorite creative instrument. Play with mobile apps or with desktop software over Wi-Fi or USB connection with ultra low latency.

The MIDI controller for wireless gamepads.

Turn your wireless gamepad into a low latency and portable creative instrument. Use it as a MIDI controller and play with mobile apps with the virtual MIDI output or connect it with USB or WiFi network to your desktop computer and send MIDI values to your software.

Control your PRO apps remotely with the integrated Open Sound Control client with customizable OSC address per gamepad input.

Game controllers are carefully designed devices that can open new possibilities for your creative game. You can modify more than 10 analog values with just one hand, you can't do that with a conventional MIDI controller, it's like turning 10 knobs with just one hand.


- Connect up to 4 game controllers at the same time.
- Get access to all the digital and analog values of your game controller.
- Customize any button to send any MIDI note or MIDI CC value.
- Toggle mode for buttons.
- Select MIDI channel, velocity and CC range independently.
- Store configuration presets.
- Load presets on the fly.
- Support for DualShock 4 and DualSense touchpad, rotation sensor and RGB led.
- Support for Xbox One Elite S2 paddle buttons.
- OSC client support for sending messages to remote servers.
- Play with mobile apps with the virtual MIDI output.
- Control desktop software with USB and WiFi connection.
- Light & Dark mode.
- Personalized icons for every kind of controller.
- Compatible with DualShock 4, DualSense, Xbox One and MFi game controllers.


Game controllers don't work with apps running on the background. To control other apps you need to have the MIDITROL open.


Versión 2.1.0

Thank you for using MIDITROL, this update includes new features, bug fixes and other improvements:

New features:

- Store different configurations in presets.
- Select presets on the fly with any button.
- Toggle mode for buttons.
- Persist global configuration.
- Support for DualSense controller.

Bug fixes:

- Crashing issue with OSC address value.
- Landscape mode problem with iPad.
- Wrong button names for DualShock and DualSense controllers.

Valoraciones y reseñas

4,1 de 5
8 valoraciones

8 valoraciones

Orand ,

Amazing app

Love the new support for the PlayStation 5 DualSense controller, particularly the ability to use two fully independent fingers on the touchpad. I had no idea that was possible!

I kind of wish there was the ability for both the touchpad and the joysticks to turn each axis into a single continuous range rather than two ranges on each axis (left and right), but I suppose I can hack a “fix” to turn them into a single range with some MIDI scripting tools like StreamByter or Mozaic.

Respuesta del desarrollador ,

You won’t need a hack, I will code that option for the next release. Feel free to send more suggestions and I’ll try my best to make them happen. Thank you for buying the app and for your review.

Klrxs ,

Good start for a long-awaited feature

Does what it says. This is the initial release, feels a little limited. Hoping that more users will get this app and that it’d motivate people to encourage growth.

At the moment it does basic CC control for the triggers (actually pretty cool) and the analog sticks on my DualShock 4 connected wirelessly. The buttons are all notes. Not sure what Options and Start do, and there is currently zero support for the touchpad on my DualShock.

Right now there is no way to edit the functionality of these controls.

Also, currently this all is unable to run in the background, which is a huge issue if you plan to use it with music apps.

Hoping in the near future that this app might have AUV3 support! That’d actually resolve most issues. But I am not sure if AUV3 even allows a unit to receive game controller input. Hmm

I check updates for my apps daily (update manually). If I see background audio support, I’m bumping it up a star. If I see an editor, I’m bumping it up a star. So far so good otherwise.

Respuesta del desarrollador ,

Thank you so much for your detailed review…

At the moment touchpad is not supported by Apple so there’s nothing I can do about it.

Options and start menu are reserved buttons for midi scale navigation, so you can access all 127 midi notes and controls.

Running the app on background is my top priority, but I’m afraid this is another feature not allowed by Apple, there’s no sense for games to run in the background... If this is not allowed by iOS, I hope you can change that start for another feature :)

Edit: Apple just confirmed to me that currently there’s no way to get game controller events while the app is running on the backgroud.

A midi note/control editor is for sure on the roadmap. So I will work hard for that star.

Please feel free to send more suggestions within the app.

Brooklyn Derrick ,

Can you make a tutorial

Can you make a tutorial on how to use with GarageBand on iOS? The app recognizes my controller in miditrol but I can’t figure out how to use it elsewhere.

Respuesta del desarrollador ,

Yes I can, please send me an email to support@miditrol.com to help you connect miditrol with other midi compatible software. Thanks for buying the app and for your review.

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