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Million Victories

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Million Lords is a strategy MMO unlike any other with an emphasis on the art of war and real-time conquest!

Play in solo or with your friends, meet other players and form a clan to have fun conquering the world by their side!
Progress and secretly develop strategies together, lend a hand to your clan mates and plan your battles to prove that your clan can become the most powerful!

“Simple, Easy and highly Addictive RTS!”
- Final Score: 9/10 -

- League system
There are leagues for every kind of player. Advance your strategy and work your way up to reach the highest one!

- Original RTS Gameplay
Carry out real-time conquest operations on a unique PvP battleground made by an independent studio.

- RPG skill tree
Choose between 10 talents to strengthen your Lord conquest power and achieve greater heights!

- 100+ craftable equipments
Gear up to adapt your strategy in real time!

- Competitive seasons
Every month, a player is crowned the mightiest Lord of the Three Lands, and it could be you! Stand out and emerge victorious!

- Online multiplayer war
Team up with your clan to conquer the world, using military tactics!

Become the Kingdom lord and pursue the conquest of the Three Lands by conquering every nation. Conquer with your hero to expand your kingdom beyond all expectations: the only border is your determination!


General conditions and terms of use:


Version 4.3.4

News & Improvements

- Delete account option
You can now delete you account on the settings panel with a confirmation.
- Unlocked features per levelup
New panel added on level up to see the features you have unlocked.
- Notification for gems
Non used gems in your inventory will be notified.
- Tutorial
Tutorial steps and texts has been improved and simplified.

Bug fixes

- Star level of gems
From now on the star level on gems in the inventory will be shown.
- Percentage on reports
Wrong percentage shown on defence and scout reports is fixed.

Notes et avis

4,5 sur 5
1,7 k notes

1,7 k notes

AKraft11 ,

Huge Potential

I really enjoy this game and the unique style of play it provides. I do not like to play games that have a pay-to-win strategy and that is one of the best features this game has. While purchasing perks does benefit you, it is not extremely overpowering.

One of my biggest complaints is the fact that you cannot cancel marches once you move them. While I get that “walling” is a good strategy for defense, sometimes you may select the wrong amount of troops to send, which may greatly impact how long it will take them to arrive. This also goes for recalling troops to one city. If you recall troops from all surrounding cities then the time is dictated for all marches by how long the furthest march takes.

Of course, like many other users, another feature I’d like to see get an overhaul is the clan system. Whether it’s the ability to support their cities with your troops, gift them daily gold, or other features that make joining a clan worthwhile. Improving the communication for the clan would also be beneficial.

Réponse du développeur ,

Thank you for your support! We are always working on adding new features and we hope to reach your expectations in the future. You can take a look at what is coming on our public roadmap here ;)

kyking11 ,

Game play

This game is very fair and doesn’t require you to spend money at all. While you can spend money to get ahead some it won’t be the difference between being first or last. You can really only buy your way up to top 50ish and that’s if you throw lots and lots of money which I think is fair because you can buy your troops they die over and over u til yo I get into the top percent of the game. Then you can no longer buy them back with gems. You can earn 50 gems a day through 2 daily quests and every 2 hours if you watch a ad you can get 10 gems. You can get them fairly easy and if you save them up you can use them to buy weapon experts that auto switch between defensive, offensive, and production gear to help you out. You can do it all manually too if you’d like. I’ve been apart of the game for a couple months now and with every season there’s a big reset and everyone’s level one again which is great because if you’re not doing so well, oh well reset and try again next season. The only thing I would recommend to the developers is to maybe implement a larger area around each city that kinda turns a color like some other war games when you occupy a territory. Or make each clan have the ability to design a unique castle of sorts like we do with characters. Just something to make it a little easier to differentiate between people and clans! Thank you for the great work on the app, I’m excited for future updates!

Réponse du développeur ,

Thanks a lot for your support, kyking11! We always take into account ideas and suggestions, and they might appear later on in game!

Nairobi246 ,

Great game, but needs work

First off the guild system needs a major overhaul including a map or some sort of tracking as to where the cities are. Second, adding chain links to city taking. I have seen people attack on the other side of the map. Guilds could be a part of this attack links of nearby cities like the scouts. Make them have to expand outwards and not just be able to attack this one tile out in the middle of nowhere. Third, the main city function. Due to this game you are not able to incapacitate your enemy for long before they just start throwing a lot of small numbers in random areas. It creates a ripple especially with the fact that you can only hit a certain amount of cities before they become “too weak”. And if you can’t attack the main city, then why does it have a defense stat??? Seems kinda redundant. Guild chat is also kinda buggy as well as multiple troop function bugs like them disappearing without reason. Ill send a troop to attack a city and they will just be gone, no report, nothing. Overall a good game and would really like to see it developed but right now, it’s just to forgiving with people being surrounded and what not.

Réponse du développeur ,

Thank you for your support! We are always working on improving and adding new features in Million Lords. We hope to reach your expectations in the future! Stay tuned!

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