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MineFlix is the best MineCraft YouTube videos app
- Over 100 hours of the best handpicked content*
- Great walkthroughs, guides, and tips
- Awesome seed videos
- Intuitive user interface
- No subscription fees
- Advance features including ...

Progress Tracking - Resume any channel or videos right where you left off

Channel Sorting - alphabetical, recently watched, favorites (most watched)

Auto Content Updating - Channels and videos update automatically from our servers so new content can be added. Also, dead content is removed. Unlike other YouTube apps, our content is always fresh and up to date.

Parental Controls
- Time limits - Control how much is watched per day
- Curfew (Bed Time) - Control what hours of the day video watching is allowed
- Turn on / off whole channels or individual episodes - You decide what is appropriate
- WiFi Only Restriction - Make sure you don't use up your mobile data plan
- Adjust video quality for WiFi and Mobile to conserve data usage

- Know what has been watched down to the video
- Know how much has been watched each day or week
- Know what are the favorite shows (what is watched the most)

iCloud Support - Everything is synced through the iCloud including your settings, channel / episode progress, and all the monitoring information. Continue watching right where you left off a video on any device you own. Check remotely from any device what your kids have just been watching.

Universal App - Buy it once for iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch

AirPlay Support** - Turns your iPad / iPhone / iPod Touch into the ultimate TV remote. Fully integrated to work with AirPlay. No annoying screen timeouts stopping the video from playing on your AppleTV.

* Content subject to change based on YouTube availability.
** AppleTV Required for AirPlay

DISCLAIMER: MineFlix / Safe Fun Kids LLC is not a content provider and does not host any content. All content shown is available via YouTube and subject to change based on availability from the content owner. MineFlix / Safe Fun Kids LLC does not claim copyright to any material shown via YouTube. No copyright infringement is intended.


Versión 2.3.0

Updated app to latest SDK.
Several bug fixes.

Valoraciones y reseñas

4,3 de 5
2,4 mil valoraciones

2,4 mil valoraciones

💎ԀɪɑϻօɴԀ🚺ցuʀʟ💎 ,

Watched 1 Video

So far, I only got through a part of one ☝🏼 video about this girl in survival mode in a jungle. And, I SWEAR she said a bad word. If this app really DOES have videos with cussing, I won't keep it. But, if that WAS NOT what I heard, than great app! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 Very useful, and so far, no bugs! But, I have only been watching videos for, like, 5 minutes, so I don't know if the other reviews are right or not. The video loaded fast, and the collection is HUGE!!! I really hope this app is truly kid friendly. Thanks for reading! 🙏🙏🙏

David 312 ,

The Problems

First off, the app it self is cool, but that's the only GOOD thing about it. Right now in Nearly the end of March 2017 the app has so many problems. When I first got it on my iPod 5, this app was good. It never crashed/closed the app when I was watching a video. The ads weren't as long, and they updated the app with videos about every week and a half to 2 weeks. Now the app closes it self when watching a video, the ads are really long and annoying, and they haven't updated the app with videos since ending of January or Beginning of February. Almost 2 months since they updated it and I know this for a fact because I watch Stampylongnose and his lovely world videos go up to episode 501 at the moment when this review is being typed out, but in the app it only shows 486 episodes of his lovely world. Almost 20 episodes apart.



Guys...u can all agree on this...if u want this game to be any better then get rid of the ads!!! Also u need waaaaaaaaaay more Minecraft if u can have LDShadowlady Ihasqupcake if u can add sooooo much more...then this could be awesome! But seriously get rid of the ads!i mean there 1: unskipabull 2:there annoying!!! So pls make this better for meh and other people! K? Good! Also nothin wrong with it if u don’t fix it! I’ll just delete the if I don’t see any changes then...I’ll delete all the apps I know u made...|Also if I’m gonna have this app then..I NEED MAGMAMUSEN |

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