Mini Gal4Xy 4+

A light 4X strategy game

Jerome Bodin

Conçue pour iPad

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*Warning: the game will work on iPhone 5C and iPad Pro / 4 (and above). Other devices are not supported*

Mini Gal4Xy is a light strategy game set in space. We took all the parts of the '4X' genre that we love, then tried to make them more accessible. It's easy to use, open to everyone, but will also scratch that itch for 4X fans.


A new galaxy is procedurally generated every time you start a game
Set your foot on more than 30 different kinds of planets
Customize your galaxy generation


A synthetic and simple set of 3 different resources: Population, Science and Material
Use your Population to colonize new worlds and improve existing ones
Use your Material to build new ships and customize them
Use your Science to discovers some of the 38 available Technologies


A simple 'slot system' allows you slightly customize your planetary incomes
Build new constructions to improve your planets
You can trade your extra resources for the one you're missing


Simple tactical battle system, with 3 phases
Customize your ships to adapt to the enemy
Fight one of the 4 enemy factions


Version 1.075

- Improved win screen
- Improved UX details
- Fixed issues with saving and loading user preferences

Notes et avis

3,9 sur 5
12 notes

12 notes

Bangnull ,

Great game, needs a few fixes

Game is very fun, opens up nicely as you progress. HOWEVER, it desperately needs an update to stop it from crashing if it ever loses focus. The crashes delete saves and ruin games. It’s only the sheerest determination that is keeping me playing this right now. When this bug is fixed, it’ll be stellar.

JohnDeHope3 ,

Great Distillation

They really were able to get all of the 4X experience that you were looking for. It’s very simmer down though. Games only last a few dozen rounds. You have to make all the same hard choices that you have to make in much more advanced and lengthy games though. Each of the many races is just a little bit different from the others to make replay a thing. Overall I found it well worth a few dollars I spent on it, and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in the genre.

My only bit of feedback would be to include more instructional material within the game. Once you get going you pretty quickly figure out how the interface works. But at first the icons and numbers won’t make very much sense to you. Some of the technologies you can research are also a little confusing at first and could use some text explanation to smooth out the learning curve. But I was able to figure it out by just trial and error. Since the games are so short, you don’t have to invest your life into one game to figure out how some thing works.

Jman310XX0 ,

Nice concept, can’t finish a game

I do like the execution and what the developers are going for. However, I keep running into a big bug — when I pause the game mid-way through to do something else on the phone, (iPhone 8 plus), it has to re-load the app, and I then my save game. 80% of the time, after loading my last turn, the game glitches and I’m left seeing a blank star field with no planets. I’ve tried about 10 games or so, and finished only one.

I’d love this to work, but I can’t play it. Bummer.

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