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147 Ratings

jkclassical ,

Great idea but cost/satisfaction needs to be clarified

I love this idea and would gladly use it, but the cost is too high without a guarantee on my satisfaction, or at least a guarantee on a reasonable attempt to answer my question.

How am I to know if a text is sufficient or if a video call is needed? For example, I need to find a company of full stack developers that provide 3rd-party tech development. Does Patrick Bet-David have a contact he would recommend? I was going to text this question to him but then never did because what if Patrick needs me to give more context and so we then set up a call. Now I’m potentially paying 3-4x more than expected to get my answer. And it may be much more than a 4x increase depending on how long I need to give the proper context to my question during the call.

Really, really like this idea, just need more assurance on what it will cost to get my answer. A quote would be helpful. Maybe I submit the question and then someone generates a quote, breaking down if a text will be needed or a phone call and if a call the estimated duration of the call.

Ianksy ,

the new era of 1 on 1 coaching

This new platform gives you more opportunities how important is your time and how easy to connect with the experts. you can search any experts/professionals you like to answer your questions or guide with your ideas. i would’ve give them a 5 stars if you add different payments methods like paypal, veno, zelle or credit cards. stripe is still a good payment method. but not all customers are comfortable opening new payment account when they already have 1 or 2 from different apps.

Charley&Mama ,

Valuable and informative!

Heard about this app from a friend and am so happy I did. It puts you in touch with people you’d never have a chance of communicating with one on one. The information received is invaluable and so very appreciated! We are well aware that it costs a few dollars, but think of what you’d pay for a one on one with a life coach and it’ll make sense.

As an entrepreneur who is just learning the ropes and trying to make it, I think this is a great idea. Just getting an outside perspective of someone with much more knowledge than myself is so very appreciated.

Thank you!

CantStopJunior ,

Andrew Tate

Andrew Tate, one of the best guys I don’t know says this is one of the best apps to enhance myself by being able to interact with other businesses men, connect with others who have knowledge i wouldn’t normally have access to on my own. So far it has enhanced my personal life as well as my financial life. I look forward to my future because of a small 5-10 second advice even if it was just an ad. I know he’s the type of man who isn't going to endorse anything he doesn’t agree with.

Anti pineapple ,

Good, but has some kinks to work out

I love the concept, but there are some bugs.

1) I want to be able to download the video response from the expert, outside of the app

2) Sound only works on the experts response videos if you are not using the speaker on your phone/tablet. (Not sure if the latest update fixed this) a lot of people are leaving reviews on the experts that the video has no audio

Brian The Bank Popular BT ,

Great idea but could be better

The idea is great! I’ve been waiting for something like this for a while but it needs to be improved. There should be an advanced search filter so you can search the categories you are looking for instead of needing to scroll through every person on the app in alphabetical order. There also needs to be a way to filter to verified/celebrity accounts. Those 2 features would really improve this app. Maybe a top trending that changes weekly/monthly would be a great addition as well.

TeacherK23 ,

Nice App for Tutoring

I am a teacher and tutor students with additional needs. I use Minnect to set up appointments with parents and get paid my fee all in one app. Eliminates having to go back-and-forth with parents on text messages to set up an appointment and then send invite in Outlook and then track them down to get paid on Venmo or PayPal or Zell. This does it all in one place - pretty cool idea.

KelleBelle7 ,

Makes your time worth something!

So many people reach out to me for free marketing advice. This app has made it convenient for me to filter out the people who are actually interested in learning and put a value on my time, experience and effort. Super user-friendly and all around wildly successful experiences as an expert AND a user! 🌟

Developer Response ,

Thank you for using Minnect!

Catalina E Magee ,

Amazing app!

Minnect is more than just an app — it's a doorway to a world where expertise is not hoarded but shared generously, where personal growth is just a connection away. It empowers the curious and celebrates the knowledgeable, making it a must-have for those who dare to dream and seek to learn directly from those they admire. Brilliant app! Highly recommend!

Heatherbear08 ,

Taking customers for Granted

I’m ashamed I fell for this, paid for simple quest, wasted 5 days of my time, got no answer. This sets the tone that the mission and value statements don’t support the hook or crook mentality. Total waist of your time and effort. Don’t believe everything you hear. They have zero support and just disrespectfully ignore you when voicing feedback or concerns. Find out for yourself, how does a person know who will accept their hard earned money for a question if the “expert “ doesn’t feel like answering. Total bull.

Developer Response ,

Hi there,

Apologies for the inconvenience.

Rest assured that you were not charged for this question/call. When the expert fails to answer within the allotted time, the hold on your credit card is automatically lifted. It takes 5-10 business days for Stripe to fully process the refund and for you to see the funds reflected back in your bank account.

For further questions, please email support@minnect.com.

Minnect Support