-- The call of beautiful servants from another world

Twenty thousand years have passed since the end of human history, and you are finally awakened, master! Over 100 beautiful servants who are reincarnated from the DNA of great figures in history have gathered together with courage and hope. Now, please lead your servants to re-open the Time Gate to crusade against Lucifer and save Mirage Memorial! In the meantime, your bond with the servants is officially formed...

[50 vs. 50 World War on One Global Server]
Challenge opponents from all parts of the globe on your adventure, lead your alliance to win 50 vs. 50 massive global fights, collect the best servants, and become the champion player of the world! Communicate and play with players from around the world in a social system with high degree of freedom!

[Interact Closely with 100+ Servants in a Live 2D System]
Command over 100 beautiful servants reincarnated from the DNA of eastern and western heroes! The cute and lovely girl "Gabriel", the domineering lady "Hammurabi", the young and active maiden "Athena"... Collect and train them for big surprises!

[Unique "Merc System"]
Servants never fight alone, because mercenaries will help them win! In the [Merc System], mercenaries can be deployed in over 300 different lineups!
You can craft exclusive weapons for your servants, and deploy them tactically and freely to win!

[Backyard Dating]
Each master in Mirage Memorial has an exclusive backyard, where he can trigger private stories, interact closely with the servants, or invite them to a cafe or a spa. Master, now it is time to start your happy life by going on over 101 adventures of love.

[Top Japanese Cast]
Super Cast for the servants. A Great Performance for Voice Lovers!
Hades CV:Hanazawa Kana
Edward Teach CV:Sakura Ayane
Susanowo CV:Kugimiya Rie
Isabella CV:Kayano Ai
Seth CV:Yuuki Aoi

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バージョン 1.2

Contains some minor bug fixes.






I absolutely LOVE this game. I’ve tried many anime related rpg’s/gacha games, but this one got me really hooked. The characters aren’t as hard to get as other games, it’s easy to farm materials, it’s easy to f2p up to around lvl 90 and there are many other small perks. I love how the chat isn’t a bunch of spamming random things like a lot of other games. You can actually make online friends and easily converse through the chat. There is a lot of content and ways to lvl up the character and their power. The alliances/guilds are always active too, most of the larger ones have a discord where you can chat and help each other. It’s not all based on things like crystals, where on a lot of other games they make you have to use things like crystals to buy necessities. To be honest it’s a pretty easy game, but overall it just has great art, characters, content, and many other things!


Unfortunately kinda boring =\..

I came from tales of erin (another efun game that i STRONGLY RECOMMEND) hoping this would be another great game. It has some really cool features, good art design, but i found myself trying to force myself to like it. In terms of streamlined difficulty, its a little all over the place from 1 area to the next, some characters are buggy (sussano pushes enemies outside edge of screen and cant hurt them anymore unless with ult for example, and the BIGGEST turn off is the auto mode. Now i like the idea of an auto, but the ONLY thing auto does is use skills automatically. With it turned off u cant even drag a character to a different spot on the battlefield with it “OFF”. Basically its always auto lol so theres absolutely nothing for u to do. Its upgrade your units, and just basically roll the dice where it would be sooo easy to have put in something so simple as allowing you to move 1 character at a time >.< theres a good other few minor drawbacks but to not be nit-picky ill stay with just the major things. Swing and a miss for me, give it a try yourself to see. PS. Try tales of erin, fantastic game!


One of the best Waifu collectors out there!

I can’t remember if I wrote a review before but..... whatever!

Anyway, I’ve been playing since release and haven’t spent money on this game. The game is super friendly to F2P players and of course has a couple of benefits for P2P but not so much that you must pay to have good cards.
Really easy to play, animations are great, would be cool if there is an idle adventure for a maximum of 12 hours to collect from. Just for simple things such as exp cards.
What I would really like, is a full portrait section where I can just take a screen shot and use that as my wallpaper!


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