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Miro is the online collaborative whiteboard platform that enables distributed teams to work effectively together, from brainstorming with digital sticky notes to planning and managing agile workflows.

It provides basic functionality for the iPhone and full-featured app for the iPad.

Using these mobile apps you can easily digitize handwritten sticky notes, add them to an online whiteboard, invite your team to collaborate just like on a physical whiteboard, upload images, docs, spreadsheets, and more to an infinite canvas.

With a whiteboard in your pocket, you can quickly access collaboration right on the go. Capture ideas or share feedback on projects, wireframes, and designs wherever you are.

Miro includes all the following features:
- Create, view, and edit your boards
- Capture and organize your ideas on the go
- Convert pen drawings into accurate shapes, sticky notes, and connector lines
- Convert sticky notes from a physical whiteboard into editable digital stickies with a single photo
- Share boards publicly or invite team members to edit
- Upload images, pictures, docs, spreadsheets, and more
- Draw on or annotate mockups, images, or documents
- Demo boards directly from your iPhone or iPad
- Read, add, or resolve comments
- Search for content inside boards

Whether you’re using Miro for brainstorming, design thinking, Agile or Scrum rituals, user journey mapping, product requirements, UX flows or process flows, or user personas, the platform enables your team to use an infinite canvas to transform your physical whiteboard into a digital whiteboard.

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Verze 3.6.22

• Board owners on Team, Business, Consultant, Education, and Enterprise Plan can now control the visibility of frames. Content in frames will stay private until the right moment to share it.
• We optimized board loading speed – now they open faster.

• Some users reported seeing an error when opening the app. We fixed it.

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3.7 z 5
Hodnocení: 104

Hodnocení: 104

Cocachina ,

One of the best for Distributed Teams

I’ve been using Miro for almost 3 years now and it has been a game changer. While I mostly use for brainstorming and ideation I also get to collaborate with others and not have to be in the same room. I’m not missing out on key information which is extremely important when you’re working on a Distributed team. Miro is not perfect but with each update it’s getting better. Wish there was an offline mode, way better graphs and tables and the video function needs some improvement.

JeffnKS ,

Teaching Planner

I just started using Miro recently to create board plans for my English class. I am seriously impressed with the creativity that Miro gives me, it seems like everything I need is just a click away.

As a retired engineer, I appreciate Miro’s drawing capabilities as well. It has the feel and some of the functionality of design software. Every day this week I have discovered something new to love about Miro. My goals are to automate my lessons and spend less hours planning and more time teaching.

This product is from the minds of brilliant engineers.

this Whole city ,

Works better than web or desktop, couple of annoying and consistent issues.

For the most part, using Miro on iPad feels as fluid as I would hope for (2020 iPad Pro 12.9” just to be specific), and is almost a stellar example of what working on an iPad should be like.

A few improvements would take it all the way:

1. It often opens to a blank screen and won’t load until I force close the app.
2. TWO-FINGER TAP TO UNDO PLEASE. This is a big enough deal to lose a star, it absolutely kills my working flow every time I have to hunt down the undo button, and it’s a staple gesture for this kind of app.
3. Video chat is a complete mess, I got stuck in a full screen video that I couldn’t close when I tried it.
4. It doesn’t take advantage of the gesture shortcuts on the keyboard in iPadOS, which makes text editing more difficult than it should be. Specifically, I can’t two-finger tap on the keyboard to select all the text in a text frame or post-it.

Odpověď vývojáře ,

Hi there,

Thank you so much for sharing the feedback, I'll pass this to our Product team for consideration. Hope we'll be able to improve this so you have a smoother experience with Miro on iPad.

Let me also share a couple of tips with you:

1. If you're experiencing some loading issues/ blank screens try to close the background apps while working in Miro as it may be a lack of RAM causing the issues.
2. Video chat isn't available on the Tablet app, I would suggest you switch to Safari.

Does this help? Should you have any further questions/ feedback, please send it to


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Realtimeboard Inc.
26.7 MB

Je požadován iOS 9.0 a novější. Kompatibilní se zařízením iPhone, iPad a iPod touch.





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