You know the problem: Recipes on the back of packaging, in magazines, recipe cards, websites or recipes written down somewhere. And if you need one of these recipes, search begins, mostly without success.

The application "My Recipes" brings order into this chaos, help to never lose one of your precious recipes. You can make up their own collection of recipes, easy to manage and easy to find.

You can categorize recipes according to your taste, input the ingredients and preparation steps. Your own ingredients catalog is generated automatically.

The main screen shows random pictures of your valuable recipes and serves to open them directly. Additional a list of recipes, sorted by recipe categories and a search function is included, to have direct access to the recipes.

You can add pictures from your iPad photo library or record directly from the iPad camera a photo of your finished recipe.

You can share the recipe with friends and family, simply send via email or print.

Make a shopping list with all the necessary ingredients, so you never miss one.


Versione 3.13.1

Minor adjustments, improve performance, ready for iOS 13

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1 valutazione

Belle7142 ,

Problem with app and no support

This application doesn't have instructions, which was no problem at first since the design is pretty self explanatory. But, after not using for awhile I just entered a recipe and used a picture of the final product taken with my iPad. Although the picture displays when the recipe itself is opened; it does not display in the opening display when the app is opened. Only a chef's hat and the name of the recipe appears. I tried to go to support through the link provided in the App Store. It leads nowhere. I tried to find the website for the app's developer. It is entirely in Spanish and of no use to me. It is a shame because this is actually a pretty nifty little app. With instructions and app support it would have gotten five stars from me.

That top section was written months ago. Despite the problems I encountered I continued to use this app. I learned to take my photos while in the app, and was disappointed that the the photos don't print out when printing the recipe since I had hoped to print out and give the recipes to my sons. But, now the topper - the app will not open. Hours spent entering recipes and they cannot be accessed. The App Store should not continue to sell this app unless problems are addressed and updates made.

RunAndKickGirl ,


That beautiful homepage filled with images is what convinced me to purchase this app. After adding several recipes, I've found numerous problems, including: (1) Photo is displayed within the recipe, but usually not on the homepage. (2) The "measurement" and "category" lists cannot be edited, so too bad if you misspelled a word or wish to delete an item. (3) It memorizes and amends your entries in the "measurement" and "category" lists, however, it does not autofill when you type a memorized entry, nor does it jump to that item in the list. Instead, the list box pops up, and you must scroll through what could be a very long list. (4) Although you can create a shopping list, it is not savvy enough to summarize ingredients. For example, if a cake recipe calls for 1 stick of butter in the cake and another stick in the icing, the shopping list lists butter twice instead of simply saying "2 sticks of butter." (5) After you've added a new recipe, you must backup to the homepage to add another new recipe. A "+" button should be added to the recipe screen. (6) No response from the developer, which may be due to a language barrier. Their site is in Spanish. I want my three bucks back!!!

AnnetteBrd ,


Unfortunately there is no way to import any recipes you may have electronically. You need to type in every ingredient and step! It might be OK for handwritten recipes, but not convenient for anything else.

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