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Experience the excitement of an emergency call dispatcher at your finger tips! Create your own dispatch center and choose where in the world your fire and police stations are placed, using real life maps. You want to recreate the emergency system of your city? Or would you prefer to build a huge fire station right on top of the Madison Square Garden? The choice is yours!

First you start with a fire station and a Type 1 or Type 2 engine. Afterwards you can expand your emergency system any way you want. Add more specialist vehicles like HazMat, Heavy Rescue vehicles, MCV (Mobile Command Vehicle), or build up your police force with SWAT and K9 units - or both and cover all emergency calls!
The game allows for vast customization, so all stations and vehicles can be named. And as some specialized vehicles need trained personnel, you can set up training courses and assign specialists to specific vehicles. Advanced players can use helicopters (HEMS) to get to the most urgent emergencies quickly!

If you enjoy teamwork then help friends by joining or creating an alliance. You can share jobs to help each other out as well as allow friends to take patients to your hospital or prison. The more units you have will boost your call amount too, increasing the challenges you face. Remember, some calls will require different types of units to be sent so ensure your fleet is up-to-date!

This game was developed by a real firefighter. So it was always important to have realistic emergency missions with realistic demands for vehicles - from small missions like a burning car to big ones like a bridge collapse - all on real life maps!
Naturally a lot of our players are also firefighters, police officers or ambulance drivers in their real lives. For fans of emergency, blue light systems this is the perfect game!

Finally, we want to let you know that we are always interested in ideas for new missions, vehicles and other content. Just give us a note in a review, contact us on Facebook or send us an email. We cannot implement everything but we strive to realize the valuable input from our players. We are working hard and very closely with our community - to expand the game with you!


Version 3.0.7

We continuously work to improve Mission Chief and applied additional bug fixes and small improvements.
If you're enjoying the game, support us by sharing your experience through a kind app review. Your feedback helps us immensely to keep providing you with a great experience!

You can reach us here:
Forum: https://board.missionchief.com
FB: https://www.facebook.com/MissionChief
Insta: https://www.instagram.com/missionchiefofficial/
Messenger: http://m.me/missionchief
Support: support@missionchief.com
FAQ: https://xyrality.helpshift.com/a/mission-chief/?p=all&l=en

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Bewertungen und Rezensionen

4.7 von 5
3’039 Bewertungen

3’039 Bewertungen

VNC_E26 ,


Been playing this for a while now and absolutely love it! One suggestion I have is to possibly in the future add station move ups. Example, many fire departments in real life do station move ups. How it would work: Say an engine is assigned to a call for an amount of time, that area where the station is will lack a response time for calls in the area that the station serves. So in game we would have the option to send any apparatus of our choice to that station to cover the apparatus that is at a call. Then when the engine is down with its call, the game would release the apparatus that was covering the station and return it back to that apparatus’s station. To keep people from having 10 units moved up to one station, there would be a limit. The limit would be how ever many units that station can hold. For example, if that station only has the number 2 level, and only one apparatus is at a call of the 2 apparatus that is at that station, then only one apparatus would be allowed to cover that station. Same thing with over level stations. Let’s say 2/4 of the units at a certain station is there at the station, then two other units can be moved up to cover that station until it’s 4/4.

Fastfrankie19151 ,

Great game !!!!!

First off I love love this game it is very very realistic and awesome I have been involved in emergency services in one way or another since 1997 and can say first hand this game is a must play for those with a background like mine or someone just interested in our lifestyle and careers. It is very very easy to progress without spending money to buy coins etc but yet you can buy them if you choose to. Plus bonus very very very few ad’s I would like it if you incorporate more city services like towing etc but I am sure that will come in time. I have sent 3 people to this game and they are all hooked like me haha

connor da god ,

Good game could be better.

Now I have nothing against this game but still if the devs are listening please save data better because I had an account and it was deleted for no reason and no I did not delete it myself so I was like okay and restarted but a few months later it was deleted again and i restarted again and then about 10 minutes ago my account was deleted again so I am now writing this review and am about to delete this game because I refuse to restart a 3rd time. But now into the good stuff, this game has great controls, realistic gameplay, super in-depth gameplay, and a very active, and all around amazing dev team. In closing I love this game but they really really need to save data better I just wish I could recover my account.

Entwickler-Antwort ,

Thank you for the kind words and we really apologize for the inconvenience!
If you have not deleted the account, the account and progress is not lost and we should be able to recover it for you. Obviously it is easier if you have registered the account via email, but if you reach out to our support via support@missionchief.com and let us know about more details, e.g. the account name, we should be able to give you your access back! 😊

Team Mission Chief – 911 Emergency Simulation



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