The largest text-based mafia RPG.

Do you have what it takes to become the next Al Capone?

You will start with nothing, but the rules are simple. Work your way up the ranks of mobsters as you fight against millions of players. Prove your worth by completing hundreds of dangerous jobs.

You might find yourself in the middle of a mafia war. Assemble an unstoppable syndicate and battle rival family bosses.


- Fight mobsters and compete for Epic Rewards real-time in the Battle Royale

- Complete hundreds of dangerous and illegal jobs in over 30 cities

- Free to play and no ads

- Level up, choose your skills and customize your mobster

- Fight powerful mob bosses and real players

- Frame Chicago's Police Commissioner to find the Irishman and defeat the De Luca Family

- Travel to Tijuana and align yourself with a Cartel Underboss

- Face the Ivanov Family in Moscow and infiltrate the Kremlin to snag a priceless painting

- Chat with players from across the world

- Recruit friends to grow your mob, form syndicates and battle rival cartels, street gangs and mobsters

- Purchase real estate and build your underworld empire

- Thousands of unique weapons, armor and vehicles

- Collect thousands of achievements

- Rank on global and social Leaderboards across multiple categories

- New game content added weekly

Prepare to swindle, cheat, blackmail, and butcher your way to the top. There are no limits to what you can accomplish. You can run a nightclub drug ring, fix an MMA fight, extort local businesses, bribe police, blackmail a royal family member, run illegal street racing, jack high-end cars, challenge a mafia boss in hand-to-hand combat and much more.

Join now and make your presence known. You’ll soon become the don of the fiercest crime syndicate the world has ever seen.

Once you are in La Cosa Nostra, there is no way out.


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Note: This game can only be played while online.


Version 3.30.3

- Bug fixes
- Performance improvements

Bewertungen und Rezensionen

4.8 von 5
2,406 Bewertungen

2,406 Bewertungen

Caldermody ,

Great game, but lacking a key feature

My question rises because of the “arming” system in this game, where you select your weapons and armor. Why don’t you allow all of our weapons to be used per battle? Older games allowed your entire arsenal of weapons and armor to contribute to the ability to win/lose a fight, raising the demand of purchasing new weapons in exchange for an upkeep fee which takes from your income. This allowance enabled users to work to upgrade their armory as well as city, giving the game more options for users to weigh what they wish to contribute to (income vs army). I noticed this issue when I spun 3 loot crates as a level 1 and got the best weapons and vehicles in the game, rendering my need to ever have to consider purchasing any new weapons completely vanish. If your character would take all of your weapons into consideration, they would definitely consider spending more on better weapons. I understand the general demand for games of this kind are slim compared to the past and your system works as it is, but I believe the quality could be enhanced with some minor feature updates.

Entwickler-Antwort ,

Hello Caldermody,

Thanks for reaching out and thank you for the 5-star review.

You can use most of your weapons and armour when going into battle, each Mobster in your Mob can take in 1 weapon, 1 armour, and 1 vehicle. Your Mob automatically equips the strongest ones available.

For a more in-depth answer, please reach out to our support staff at

LoudJamie ,

Love this format!

I used to play Arms Cartel Global back like 5 years ago and I love the format. This is a lot like that game and I am instantly hooked again. I’m not big into the “build buildings and protect your fort while you train troops” format like clash of clans. I like running missions and getting my stats up and attacking other players for $$ without all the real-time strategy waiting and randomness. Also easier to not just be pay to play. It’s a great format and I’m glad to see it making a comeback. Bravo.

Entwickler-Antwort ,

Hello LoudJamie,

So glad to hear you were enjoying our game!

Thank you very much for the 5-star review!

Michael Miguelicutti ,

Good game with major flaw

I’ve enjoyed this game since I got it. However I’ve run into an issue in recent levels where I run out of players to attack on the fight list and have to attack what is referred to as “whacked mobsters”. I’m assuming this is because everyone in my level range is either dead or injured. This is very annoying as these “whacked mobsters” don’t reward money or nearly as much xp as normal players. The devs ought to consider raising the hp regeneration rate significantly to fix this. The hp regen rate is so painfully slow in this game that if a player is attacked when they’re offline, they’ll remain low on health for days if not weeks. This is the one thing about this game I find to be really poorly thought out. The devs should consider raising the regen rate to 10% hp every 5 minutes from the +1 hp every 3-4 minutes it is right now. This way offline players hp will regen faster and more people will be available on the fight list. I used to play a game called Villains back in the day and that game had the hp regen rate I suggested and it worked perfectly. Please consider this!

Entwickler-Antwort ,

Thanks so much for the feedback Michael! We really appreciate it and the team will definitely be talking it over. We'd love to hear from you if there is anything else, please get in touch if so -


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