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Important Note: If you don't hear any sound when you use the app, you may want to check some points:
- Check the volume buttons on the iPad
- Check if the iPad is not muted. (check in "Settings/General/use lateral interruptor for" if the function of the interruptor next the volume button is not selected to activate mute. If so, change to block rotation instead)

Mobile Harpejji is the first and unique simulator of the Harpejji, a fantastic new instrument created by Tim Meeks and made by Marcodi, for the Ipad. For more information about the Harpejji, please visit

This version of the Mobile Harpejji has the following features:
- Real Harpejji sound
- 2 Harpejji models - G16 and K24
- Access to the entire fretboard
- Real size spacing for strings and frets, with automatic adjustment for iPad and Ipad Mini screen
- 14 strings on the screen at same time for iPad, 11 for iPad Mini
- Capability to play up to 10 notes at same time
- 4 Screen modes: Play, Scales, Chords and Options
- Context sensitive Help
- 7 color coded scales types for all keys on the scales mode
- Visualization of all types of chords for all keys, with color coded note names on the chords mode
- Option for visualization of notes in sharps or flats
- Optional visualization of all note names on the fretboard on Play mode
- Slide and bend effects
- Reverb effect
- 4 choices of fretboard colors
- Capability to play muted notes when touching the frets
- Vertical and Horizontal sliders for fast fretboard navigation
- Compatible with IOS 9

For more information about the Mobile Harpejji app, please visit the link below:

For a video review and tutorial, please visit the link below:


Versão 1.3.2

Added support for IOS 9.3

Avaliações e opiniões

3.5 de 5
4 avaliações

4 avaliações

ShawnMcB ,

Only simulator for a fascinating instrument

App is great in concept and allows one to experience the harpejji's fretboard layout (at life size) and an approximation of the sound, with handy scale and chord overlays for learning one's way around and options for reverb and pitch bending.
In active development as of early 2016; some remaining rough edges: sound is prone to clicks and pops, at least on the older devices I've used it on, and notes in quick runs tend to drop or fuzz out; bass notes are very quiet in relation to the rest; scroll bars are easy to hit while holding a note, moving the view to an unexpected area of the fretboard; text is pixelated; and note overlays show through controls oddly.
All that said, it's an excellent resource for learning about a unique instrument, and although I don't find it playable in a performance sense, I've spent hours practicing on it and expect to continue.
Feature suggestions: additional and/or configurable scales; option to turn off scroll bars; in-app volume control for the bass strings.

Kareembyear1year ,

It gives a somewhat

Decent idea of playing a harpejji. 5 stars if they learned the technology iFretless bass is using to make its string seem touch sensitive even on iPads. That coupled with the related samples would make this app one of the best apps for the iOS. Until then it’s just an ok app. I won’t really play it much. IFretless bass is way closer to playing a real harpejji than this app. IFretless is also AU so you can’t play it through amps an effects onboard the iPad. This app would be so worth it if it had the same capabilities as IFretless bass. Please, look into it.

Mark Winters ,

I like it, but ...

I’m grateful for this app, as it gives me the opportunity to explore the Harpejji. I like the layout of the user interface with its many value added features. But there is room for improvement in sound quality. There are many pops and hisses on my iPad 3. The bass notes have better fidelity, but the higher notes often don’t sound like strings at all, they have a shrill synthesizer tone.


Luiz H Fonseca
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Requer o iOS 6.0 ou posterior. Compatível com iPad.



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