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With the Moment dating app setting up a date have never been so simple, it’s like you had superpower finding your date, aside from the fact it’s free and it has been developed by Hungarians. In contrast to other dating apps our goal is not to have you chatting for weeks without results. The main point of Moment is to find the person faster perhaps in a couple of minutes, who is sympathetic and has the same field of interest with you. After this, the only thing left is to discuss when and where you are going to meet. :)

In 4 simple steps we walk you through how this app works:

1. Choose what you are in the mood for today! You may choose from 15 options what you are up to do today
2. Find a partner! We will show you users who have at least one field of matching interest, so there is only the sympathy check left to pass!
3. Invite who you like! If they accept your invite you are good to go!
4. Discuss the details and go on a date today!

Why will it work?

- You will only find active users on the app. After 24 hours the chosen programs will expire and disappear, so as long as someone is not choosing again, they will not show up.
- The app is just simple and great. If you like someone, tap GO on their profile; just like that you asked them out! If they accept you are on track :)
- You can filter, evaluate or rank order nearby profiles. For people with the same interest the default range is 20 kilometers but you may restrict it down to 1.
- You can even filter the most active users among the active ones, so you can put them in order, in addition you can even filter those who are currently browsing and chatting on Moment.
Alongside with new features we are still thinking about those who missed the ‘certain/special moment’ throughout the day…

Moment is a place for you too, if you happened to run into somebody who you would have like to meet or get to know, but for whatever reason you did not have the chance. Maybe the situation was not right, maybe you did not have to courage at the time which might be the case from both sides, maybe the time was not right, perhaps you were just in a hurry.

Moment makes dating quite simple in real life with connecting you to people nearby, or even who were near you throughout the day. Yes! Your dream can come true! You have a second chance! This is the Moment!
Guys, find that pretty girl who smiled at you today, when she passed you on the street today!
Ladies, write to that handsome guy that you have been eyeing for the past couple of minutes on the bus to sit next to you, maybe he just needs a little encouragement!

Plus, we have one more good news for you! No one can access your location, if you meet up no one will know where you have met, they will only know that you were near them!
You are up to meet someone in real life, but you need a hand? Do not waste your time, download Moment now!


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Small bug fix


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