MonkeyMind is the shortcut-driven to-do list for your Mac's Menu Bar. Whenever you are in deep work mode, simply hit the shortcut and, just like in Spotlight, type away and press enter. The entry will get added to the menu bar list and you can deal with it later.

These are MonkeyMind's main features:
- The shortcut task entry: hit the customisable shortcut, type away, hit enter - and get back to work. It will automatically get added to MonkeyMind.
- Super simple task list right in your menu bar: Check off tasks, copy them to another app, or simply delete them once your done.
- Custom shortcut: you can set any shortcut you want and it will work system-wide. Just make sure it does not collide with any other Mac system shortcut.
- Optional auto-deletion of checked off tasks. So you don't accumulate a gazillion tasks.
- Super lightweight and Swift-native on the Mac. It can run in the background without any issues.

MonkeyMind is the perfect scratchpad for your mind. A place for your brain dumps. Or for whatever else.

So why could you care about MonkeyMind? Here's the longer pitch:

Deeply focused work is one of life's greatest pleasures. A sanctuary, out of which one emerges with tremendous satisfaction and meaningful progress.
But deep work is also under constant assault from distractions. The outside world is armed with coworkers, notifications and highly addictive applications, constantly trying to get your attention. Shutting these out is not easy, but society is slowly embracing to a workspace with less outside distractions.
There is another opponent, one that is far more resilient - and a lot closer: your brain.
Brains love dopamine. Always longing for the next hit and willing to do whatever it takes to get it. Your brain is the enemy from within.
Other unrelated ideas and distracting thoughts, not relevant to your actual work, constantly pop up in your mind. And they all seem enticing, with a promise if instant gratification, a quick hit of dopamine, more seductive than continued focus on your work. That's the monkey mind doing it's thing, full speed ahead, always lazy and unwilling to work.
Your job is to tame the monkey mind.
Those unrelated ideas and distracting thoughts: Get them out. Promise the monkey you'll reconsider them later, but get them out. And get back to work.
Introducing MonkeyMind for Mac.
A place to put whatever pops up in your head and then get back to work. Just hit the shortcut, enter whatever is on your mind - and you can review it later.

What’s New

Version 1.3

- Improved the positioning of the floating text entry window on your screen. It now shows up on the screen where your pointer is and it remembers its last position. So if you move it slightly (e.g. out of the way of something behind it), that position will be remembered. It also resets on every screen change.
- Preferences and About windows now properly show up front and centre. No more digging for it.
- If the floating text entry window is closed (e.g. after hitting enter or discarding the entry), the focus is returned to the previous application. So if you were writing something before, the cursor will be just where you left off.

That's it :)


Benedict Bartsch
5.2 MB

macOS 10.13 or later, 64-bit processor



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