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Monster Battles: The Card Game es un juego de cartas coleccionable gratuito. ¡Colecciona y evoluciona tus Monstruos y conviértete en el Mejor Entrenador de Monstruos!

- Modo Campaña con más de 900 misiones.
- ¡Más de 1000 Monstruos con voces propias!
- Modo Jugador vs Jugador Online y Offline .
- Creador de mazos.
- 9 Elementos distintos.
- Modo de juego rápido e inmersivo.
- Compite contra tus amigos en Facebook o por todo el mundo.
- Juega con tus amigos en Asaltos para conseguir recompensas exclusivas.
- ¡Conviértete en un gran Entrenador!
- ¡Derrota a todos los Maestros Entrenadores y colecciona todas las insignias!

Languages Supported:

* English
* Español (Europa)
* Русский
* 简体中文 (Simplified Chinese)
* 日本語 (Japanese)

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Versión 2.2.6

- You can now sign in via Apple to keep your progress safe

- The difficulty of several levels have been adjusted.

Valoraciones y reseñas

4.5 de 5
140 valoraciones

140 valoraciones

Lindesule ,

Great strategic gameplay

You don't need top tier cards to be competitive in this game. Strategy and the luck of the draw decide the winner. Only holdback is that the game art isn't the greatest.

Milantique25 ,

Good game ... and it’s ruined

This is a very nice game. This new way to play a card game has me hooked. Very strategic. But I don’t like the complete this duel in said amount of turns thing. You should make a separate challenge mode for that kind of thing. Also giving the opponent 3 moves while you only have 2 at times is really unfair for this type of game play. 1 move makes all the difference.

And the game is ruined by greed. There are price tags everywhere. What’s worse is you know kids are going to steal their parents credit cards to buy everything. I’d rather have the game have a flat price and let the in game currency rule the in game.

It’s a good game and good idea. You just ruined it is all.

ElReyLeone711 ,

Could be better

I really do enjoy this game, but the farther you get into the levels the less it becomes a game of strategy and more of a game of chance. And it becomes practically impossible at some points considering they have 3 moves and your on a limit on how many turns you can make. Some of the levels don’t really even incorporate strategy. It just becomes a thing where they only summon monsters that kill yours on the spot. At that point your to busy trying to regather your monsters that you don’t have time to beat them in the amount of turns given

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