The popular 3D Mahjong Solitaire game created for the iPhone and iPad now comes to the Mac. Play arcade-style with progressively difficult levels, or relax with one of the non-competitive game modes. The gameplay is simple yet addictive.

Originally created for touch-screen iOS devices, Moonlight Mahjong on the Mac takes full advantage of a multitouch trackpad, but also can be played with a mouse. Intuitive control allows you to tilt and turn in virtual reality, allowing you to more easily see the tiles on the board.

Moonlight Mahjong on the Mac features four types of play:

Scramble Mode (the default): Make matches faster than the automated opponent "Tilebot" through increasingly difficult levels. The board is automatically reshuffled when you run out of matches, making this game mode easy (to start!) and fun.

Challenge Mode: Compete against Tilebot in full puzzle mode, with no automatic reshuffling, only undo. Challenge requires more strategy than Scramble.

Puzzle Mode: Solve puzzle boards with no time limit. Choose any layouts you like; no high scores.

Relaxation Mode: Clear boards with no time limit and automatic reshuffle when out of matches. Perfect for when you're just not in the mood to strategize or rush.

What’s New

Version 2.1

• Updated for OS X 10.10 "Yosemite"
• Losing in Scramble or Challenge mode now sends you back only three levels instead of five
• 58 new built-in layouts submitted by Moonlight Mahjong users

New Standard Layouts (these appear in Scramble and Challenge modes):

• "Arches" by Tlphoto (level 4)
• "Aztec Ruin" by Juan (level 6)
• "Bare Faced!" by Elizabeth Bygrave (level 13)
• "Barn" by 'Me' (level 7)
• "Baseship" by Jack (level 5)
• "Basket" by M Howard (level 5)
• "Blue Crab" by camo_junkie (level 10)
• "Boxed" by schugga (level 4)
• "Byrt 10" by Byrt (level 5)
• "Cafe Grande" by Mimi (level 3)
• "Cale 1" by Cale (level 7)
• "CandleStick" by Es Ce 2 (level 6)
• "Closed Temple" by M Howard (level 7)
• "Cosmic Sun" by Natalie L. (level 12)
• "Crab Feet" by Emmalee (level 7)
• "Cradle" by Prajnaparamita (level 3)
• "Crazy Mill" by Olgy13 (level 7)
• "Gate" by M Howard (level 5)
• "Gravedigger" by Elizabeth Bygrave (level 3)
• "In Square" by Ines (level 9)
• "Insectipod" by Rahnsom (level 19)
• "Knife's Edge" by Sevian (level 9)
• "Lunar Lander" by KultiVator (level 4)
• "Mimi's Flower Basket" by Mimi (level 5)
• "Mini Igloo" by Bryn (level 3)
• "Mini Potted Plant" by Bryn (level 2)
• "Mount Tile" by M Howard (level 7)
• "Mountain Bayta" by Gpp (level 13)
• "NoName Tower" by Celebrindal (level 12)
• "North Star" by Bianyo (level 9)
• "Open Roof Temple" by M Howard (level 4)
• "Parapit" by Isotelus (level 9)
• "S" by Luna422 (level 5)
• "Spirit Spires" by Stu The Dude (level 8)
• "Spitfire" by camo_junkie (level 10)
• "Star" by Jess (level 6)
• "Stick Man" by Bryn (level 4)
• "Stonehenge1" by Jon2T2 (level 8)
• "Sunshine" by Anonymous (level 2)
• "Teacup" by Bryn (level 5)
• "The Frog" by Luke (level 8)
• "Thunderburd" by Sammjune (level 7)
• "Tollbooth" by M Howard (level 7)
• "Tower of Epsilon" by J Dawg (level 13)
• "Why Y" by Stephen Glaros (level 13)
• "X Is The Spot" by Rahnsom
• "Xylophone" by MadAbigail
• "moe" by tomodachi (level 7)

New Additional Layouts (these do not appear in Scramble or Challenge modes, often due to being too large or too difficult… but they were too good to leave out entirely):

• "206" by JS
• "Basketweaver" by Elizabeth Bygrave
• "Christmas is Coming" by Becky
• "Frosty the Snowman" by Becky
• "Pyramid Town" by Brian
• "Ship of the Line" by camo_junkie
• "Spider" by MzKitty
• "Star Destroyer" by Jordan
• "The Gargantuan" by SpagetiNatels
• "kuzuretashiro" by tomodachi

Ratings and Reviews

4.7 out of 5
982 Ratings

982 Ratings

GameSquirl ,

My favorite Mahjong

As many have stated before, this is a well done game. Have enjoyed it for a long time. Difficulty increases and you go up in levels and it is a true 3D set up - on my mac trackpad, I can rotate the set of pieces in all directions to find those hidden behind the front ones. Also using the trackpad gestures, I can make the set larger or smaller to help with viewing more pieces at once easier on the larger sets.
This game has cleverly set up a mini version of the set in the top right corner being played by the computer (called tilebot) and you are to solve it before computer does. When you fail one level, you get sent 3 levels behind.
One of the past updates had changed the way the pieces were picked up using my TRACKPAD on mac laptop (I have seen some complaints about it in reviews). It was very annoying not being able to pick up a piece easily till I figured out the update had actually improved it. The pieces were picked up when the cursor hovered over the piece for a second and NO CLICKING IS REQUIRED. Once you do it for a little while, you develop a rythm and the play goes faster then clicking.
At the bottom right of the screen, there is a very small wheel where you can customise the game to your liking.
My only complaint would be, that I would like to see more contrast between the pieces available to play and the inactive ones. It would make a big difference at the higher levels where speed is of the essense.
Still, a very well made game.

adiemonty ,

Extremely Addictive!

The layouts are very interesting, especially when you find hidden exposed tiles. The sound that tilebot makes keeps up the pressure for sure. The only thing I'd improve on is better background graphics, maybe theme packages instead of just a small collection. Even better if the app utilized your own image library. Also, touchpad manipulation is a bit finicky at times. Sometimes I can manipulate the layout, sometimes the entire window wants to move around. It is also difficult to turn the layout in 3D and not have it zoom out or off the edge of the screen.

Texassews ,

I have been playing this since it came out…..

What is going on with the speed and difficulty? This is bothering me so much so that I have threatened to quit Moonlight Mahjong every time I play it. It is a great game, but someone thought that it would be a great idea to make level 3 as hard as level 16 is at times. No kidding. The game is disheartening. I have been playing this since it came out and love this game but someone changed the degree of difficulty where level three could be as hard as 12 or 16. Please make each level a stepping stone in degrees of difficulty. Right now it is not. It is ridiculous now. Please listen to your reviewers as this is my favorite game and I just love playing it until recently. Evidently others feel as I do too. Thank you for the creation of this style of Mahjong, as it is the best, but getting sent back to level three with the same levels of difficulty is really getting on my nerves.


Michael Howard
28.6 MB

OS X 10.8 or later, 64-bit processor



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