muDic7 : Music transcription 4+


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For transcribing ad-lib solo phrases, muDic is the way to go.

With muDic, you can transcribe anytime, anywhere, without using instruments!

muDic is the tool for music dictation.
muDic is the tool which is most suitable for dictation of the monophonic instrument ad-lib solo phrase.
muDic supports the dictation of the phrase and the making of the sheet of music, the exercise of the phrase for total.

-- Feature --
-Two dimension (Freq - stereo position) analyzer
-Semiautomatic beat mapping
-Staff notation
-Variable speed play of fixed pitch(40%-160%)
-Pitch adjustment when Audio File is played(-10 - +10cent)
-Variable Time axis scale display of Audio Power Spectrum
-Writing into Midi note by PianoRollEditor
-Synchronizing play of Midi note by Mac Standard DLS synth
-Transposition play by Semitone in upper and lower octave
-By clicking Midi note, note and part of the Audio File corresponds to note can be played
-Export by musicXML
-Record of the playback
-Remote control of Play by MIDI ProgramChange message

-- Does not have Feature yet! --
-Can not full aoutomatic convert audio to notation. muDic needs your work.
-Can not Chord analyze. I want knowledge of the chord analysis. Please tell me.


バージョン 7.0.5

Support for Apple silicon
Fixed a few bugs.



Horrible. Horrible. Horrible.

Written support consists of a Japanese-language guestbook only. Video support is cursory at best. If you look at what is there, and the screen shots in the App Store page, you will note one significant omission… accidentals. Playing with the piano roll is OK, if clunky, but the staff above it doesn’t seem to care whether a note is sharp or flat. For example, if you move a note from B to B-flat on the piano roll, nothing happens on the staff line above… no accidental appears. One must seriously question any music application that interprets a B the same as a B-flat. Of course, there may be a work-around, but with no support, who’s to know?


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