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If you are a crypto-enthusiast and you want to track your miners easier, My Ethermine is actually a great alternative to the website.
This application is dedicated for Ethermine/Flypool servers, handling Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, ZCash, Raven, Beam and Ergo miners.
• Add as many miners as you like
• View unpaid balance - and USD equivalent
• View an estimated income, calculated on your hashrate by
• Ethereum/ethereum classic/zcash/raven/beam/ergo price in USD
• The statistics are loaded automatically at intervals of minimum 2 minutes (default), or it can be changed at any time in a longer time interval (1 minute to 1 hour) - but keep in mind that the servers are updating the information usually at 6 minutes
• Workers listing and detailed charts for each worker
• Advanced search, sort and detailed list for the workers
• Wallet summary (balance, transactions history...)
• Payout details and next payout estimates
• Estimated earnings calculator and preferred estimate straight on the dashboard
• Many currencies. The app will show the equivalent price in your preferred currency
• Offline access. You can see your miner data from the last update


Versiune 2.3

• Added "Next payout" widget
• Fixed a bug for new miners without unpaid balance

Evaluări și recenzii

4,5 din 5
223 evaluări

223 evaluări

Jabroni4444 ,

Love the new interface!

Thanks for the update. The new interface has everything I really need on one screen and looks great. However, I have two requests. First, the new Estimated Earnings only shows two decimal places on the Home Screen. That’s not enough to be useful, especially when I usually look at it in daily mode. The rounding is too extreme. Actually, last payout could use an extra decimal place as well. Second, it seems that the workers screen has lost the ability to look at the hash rate charts of the individual workers? This was a handy feature when trying to determine which worker is responsible for unexpected drops in hashrate. With these fixes the app would be perfect! Keep up the good work.

Răspunsul dezvoltatorului ,

It was an intense development until the transition to the new version, but don’t worry, both of your requests are on the list for the upcoming updates.
Thank your for the feedback!

Rkdavidson ,

Great update and best Ethermine app

The new update fixed the handful of gripes I had about the old version. It’s fantastic. Love the app quality, reliability, and overall happy to have an alternative to Ethermine’s website.

Qelijahq ,

Landscape view

This is a great app, but I wish the authors would add the ability to switch between portrait and landscape modes. I use it on both my phone and my iPad, but my iPad sits in landscape with a keyboard case like a laptop on my desk. Looking at it sideways all day is so 2020. If there’s a different version available for iPad, I just haven’t found it.

Răspunsul dezvoltatorului ,

The version 2.0 will be available soon, with a fresh look and improvements, including both iPad orientations. Thank you for the feedback!

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