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Rick Doornhein

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This is an app/game about my experience of Ménière disease.

I made this app/game to share my experience about Ménière disease.
It’s hard to explain what the symptoms and struggles are, so that’s why I made this app. Sometimes it’s too hard to explain or sometimes I just don’t feel like explaining it again and again. So now i’ve got this app. Maybe it helps others as well to get a better understanding about having Ménière’s disease or to explain what it is.

In this app you can find some info and links about Ménière disease, and you can experience some symptoms like; Tinnitus and Vertigo. And of course, there’s a quiz game with a little Ménière twist.

Oh, and for everybody who’s just playing this game and aren’t interested about Ménière disease. Yes, the sounds and moving parts are annoying, that’s the whole point of the game. And to cheat you can always turn the sound off.

Stay steady.



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5,0 van 5
7 beoordelingen

7 beoordelingen

Clermont, FL ,

Pretty sure this will be my diagnosis tomorrow

Thank you so much. I've been copying and pasting links for the past week, trying to explain and find the proper words to do so. I haven't tried it, but I'm sure the simulation will assist my attempt to describe what's going on with me. I see the ENT specialist tomorrow, 7 April 2017 here in the US and I'm anxious to say the least. I've been battling an episode for over 2 weeks now, and this is no fun. The initial symptoms were violent and I was hospitalised for 8 days. They trested the symptoms, but I'd have to be seen as an outpatient for further testing. This came at me so randomly. I fly quite often for work and I'm so depressed. In search of a support group. Please advise if anyone knows of one.
Thank you again...God bless, glad to know you're still able to work!!

dizzy guy ,

Thanks for the app

Just wanted to say thank you for making this app. I too have Ménière’s disease. I am 40 years old and was diagnosed 6 months ago. I used to be the most outgoing person anyone would ever meet, an extreme outdoorsman and always loved hanging out on the boat, swimming and just being in the woods. My Ménières came on very sudden and it has left me scarred. I feel like I’m never going to get used to it. I started doing a lot of researching and am always trying to find some kind of way to cope with it. This app helped me explain to others what’s going on inside my head.

VermillionCorazon ,

Thank you.

I saw the developer post about this app on the Meniere's Reddit support group, and all I can say is THANK YOU. I haven't seen the gameplay yet (because I have Meniere's and that'd be bad news bears) but the info section is so succinct and easy to understand. I literally just wanna hand this app to my coworkers/friends/etc and be like 'THIS. THIS IS WHAT THIS IS.' Because it's just so dang hard to understand. Thanks.


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