myatmo is an alternative iOS app for your netatmo weather station, with detailled graphs and a user friendly design. Exclusively for your iPhone or iPad with iOS 10 or better (we recommend iOS 11 or better). Apple Watch users can use myatmo on their watches, too. Additionally, a 'Today Widget' gives you a short overview on your weather station data.

Please note: to use myatmo you do need a netatmo weather station - if you don't own one, then you do NOT need myatmo as myatmo won't work without a netatmo weather station!

• Why myatmo?

With myatmo you get a quick overview on all the important data of your netatmo weather station. myatmo supports all netatmo weather station modules currently available: the main module and the outdoor module, of course, up to three additional indoor modules, as well as the rain gauge and the wind gauge.

The module overview gives you access to the history of sensor data for the last 3, 6, 12, or 24 hours. Getting an overview on every single netatmo module cannot not be faster.

• What else can myatmo do?

Yearly + monthly comparison charts, heat maps, wind direction graphs, wind strength graphs and a lot more. myatmo provides heaps of graphs and charts for your netatmo weather station data. No other app offers that much! Not only that is why myatmo is called by many users the 'unofficial official' app for the netatmo weather station.

If you own more than one netatmo weather station: not a problem for myatmo! You can easily switch from one station to the other. Additionally you can sort your modules to your personal preferences.

• Secure?

Yes, myatmo is secure! Your netatmo weather station access data is not saved by myatmo. Rather than saving your access data, myatmo only uses the data the very first time you use myatmo in order to authorize itself with the netatmo data server. After that a permanent authorization key (not (!) your user data) is used each time you start myatmo. Your access data is not saved in any way, and it is also not submitted to any third party, neither to us. The data is also not used outside myatmo. Your station's data is also not submitted to us or any other third party and is only used within myatmo!

• Free?

The basic version of myatmo is free, but limited in functionality. If you want all features, you can purchase access to the fully featured myatmo Premium version for 3, 6, or 12 months.

Please note that we can only offer technical support to those users with an active myatmo Premium purchase. If you want to contact us on please make sure to enter your support + contact ID as displayed on the 'Settings + Help' screen of myatmo.


Version 2.5.8

Various bug fixes and optimizations. This is (probably) our last little update before our big iOS 13 update, which, almost completed, is currently getting a little tweaking and will be available with the official availability of iOS 13 (or shortly thereafter). myatmo will then support new iOS 13 technologies, be much faster, and bring along a polished layout.

Bewertungen und Rezensionen

4.6 von 5
171 Bewertungen

171 Bewertungen

mdpaxton ,

The App Netatmo should have made

I’ve been using Netatmo products for about 5 years now and love them very much. I’ve two indoor temp/humidity sensors, one outside, and both a wind and rain sensors. The amount of data the gather is great and fun to watch. But, in all of Netatmo’s wisdom they forgot to write equally useful App for iPads and iPhones. Their App is clunky to get around in and impossible to view all of their products sensor information at once.
This is where Myatmo comes into play. I his is the App Netatmo should have built. As soon as you open up the App and login to your Netatmo account you’re shown all of your sensor data on one very thought out screen. The screen is very colorful and easy to look at with current sensor data n the left and graphs on the right. You can simply scroll down the list of your devices to view their data, not pull each own down from a pop up menu like Netatmo makes you do. The weather forecast for your area is always displayed at the bottom of the screen making it easy to view at a glance.
Very nice App indeed and a big thank you to the makers of!

Entwickler-Antwort ,

Thanks very much for this nice review! :)

therrk ,

A Smart Home Owners’ Must Have App!

For starters, I have been a Netatmo user for years. Even before HomeKit, I used netatmo for my temperature tracking. This is helpful in unpredictable climates as well as when it comes to how much time my dogs or kids spend outside. I love netatmo’s products but their app leaves something to be desired. It is great if you just want current temp, but if you’re a stats geek like me, you like to know how things like temp and rainfall, and humidity compare to previous months and years.

Myatmo does exactly that and is a fantastic app, I would go so far as saying delete your netatmo app and commit to myatmo.

Kant Focus ,

Netatmo for weather geeks

The app is a bit overwhelming when you first fire it up but after a little use you can see how feature-rich and informative it is. The amount of data and graphing at your fingertips is amazing. The app is very solid, runs quick and smoothly. I especially love the iWatch complication so that I can check my station anytime, anywhere. You can tell that a lot of time and effort was put into this - subscription is cheap and worth every penny.


Totalidea Software GmbH
29.2 MB

Requires iOS 11.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Polish, Spanish

Rated 4+
© 2019 Totalidea Software GmbH
  1. myatmo Premium - 12 months $8.99
  2. myatmo Premium - 3 months $4.99
  3. myatmo Premium - 48 months $31.99


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