Modern computers with multiple high resolution displays present us with the "where is my mouse" problem. myPoint solves it using three different techniques - a momentary or permanent mouse locator, a permanent crosshair and a permanent mouse halo.
• Momentary mouse locator is a visual effect active up to few seconds. It can be an animated or static ring.
• Permanent mouse locator is a static ring only.
• Permanent crosshair displays two thin lines across the mouse position.
• Permanent mouse halo highlights the mouse cursor using an image shown around it. A free online halo gallery is available.
All tools are highly customizable: geometry, transparency, animation speed, hotkeys, mouse gesture, events.

Mouse Locator reveals the mouse cursor position with a gently animated or static ring.

• Activation:
- Hotkey combination.
- Single modifier key.
- Mouse gesture.
- Mouse movement between screens.
- Mouse movement after a period of inactivity.
- On mouse click.
- On mouse drag.
• Customization:
- Colors and opacity.
- Size and thickness.
- Animated or static.
- Animation speed and repetition.
- Momentary or permanent.
• The locator module can be disabled.

Crosshair displays two thin lines across the mouse position.

• Visible on all monitors or only on monitor with mouse pointer.
• Customizable performance, gauge, color, transparency, center and offset from mouse.
• Hotkey to toggle the tool.

Mouse Halo is an image permanently shown around the mouse cursor. The classic halo is a ring surrounding the cursor. However any image can be used as a halo source. Even more the image can be positioned aside of the cursor. A free online halo gallery is accessible from the preferences panel - an easy way to import new halos. The user can create its own halos too.

• Activation:
- Hotkey to toggle the halo visibility.
- Hotkey to show the next halo from the predefined halo set.
• Customization:
- Size and opacity.
- Rotation speed and direction.
- Offset from mouse position.
- Flip, shrink or cut the image.
- Select preferred halos in so called halo set.
• Preinstalled halo pack.
- Classic: daisy chain, ancient ornaments, fan, amber mosaic, ring shadow.
- Reading lines: thin, thick, stick shadow.
- Rulers: horizontal, vertical.
- Crosshair, big arrow.
- Diagonals: two stars, twin spark.
• Free online halo gallery.
- The gallery is accessible from preferences panel.
- Browse & click to import new halos.
- Never-ending update of new halos.
• Unlimited user created halos.
• The halo module can be disabled.

• General features:
- Tools are visible on all monitors and in full screen.
- Customizable hotkeys to handle tools.
- Hotkey to show or hide application menu in menu bar extras.
- Can start automatically at user login.
- Common Preferences panel for all settings.
- Support multiple users, screens and desktops.
- Built on Apple's security paradigm sandboxing - reducing the threat of rogue code and malicious software.

• Notes:
- When myPoint is running, no icon is shown in the Dock. The control is through a menu in menu bar extras.
- myPoint neither changes the shape of mouse pointer nor hides it.
- Read user experience tips on our web site.
- myPoint is designed for maximum control and features. If you prefer simplicity please consider Simple Mouse Locator.
- If you have an inquiry or need a help to tune up our app, or just want to share with us your feedback please drop us a line at We will do our best to answer you in 24 hours.

What’s New

Version 2.25

Small fixes and optimisations.

Ratings and Reviews

keen_eyed_ken ,

Great developer support. Highly customizable and useful

With three monitors, I wanted an app to be able to quickly locate the mouse cursor after typing for a long time. This app was perfect for my needs. It has a lot of customization available and is an absolute steal for .99cents. I emailed the developer about a small bug I found with occasional flickering of the ring around the mouse when traveling between screens and he responded within a few hours and took the time to get to know my problem and then promised a fix by the next version.

There’s a tiny bit of lag of the crosshairs/indicator when moving the mouse at high speeds but it’s barely noticeable. There’s occasional flickering when moving between screens. Once the latter issue is fixed, I’ll update the review to 5 stars.

bastion1776 ,

Unobtrusive yet hightlights cursor when needed!

"myPoint Light S” is a beneficial, yet unobtrusive “cursor” highlighter that only appears when needed! Otherwise, the cursor is the normal “arrowhead." I have purchased other cursor highlighters which are constantly streaming “stuff." They are a “waterfall” of irritation! With "myPoint Light S,” if your “arrowhead” cursor becomes “lost,” just rapidly “circle” or “jiggle" your mouse or finger on your trackpad, and the cursor pops into sight with the "myPoint Light S cursor view” you selected. I use the “circle” in the first example above. Options are available for other “myPoint Light S” cursors.

I use two monitors. “myPoint Light S” activates when I pass the cursor from one monitor to the other! This is a Five Star Cursor Enhancement for my usage! The $2.99 has not been an expense, it has been an investment in my time spent looking for: “That stupid lost cursor!” “Where did it go this time?” I don’t guarantee you will like it! I guarantee that I like it, and find it worthy of my purchase!

Great Cursor Enhancement!

Jackson Dean Chase ,

More than just halo effects!

This handy little app that does a lot more with your mouse than just halo effects. You get different arrows (transparent, black, red), rulers for measuring things (vertical and horizontal), line highlighters for reading, and all are scalable in terms of size and transparency. You can also flip the effect so it’s pointing the opposite direction. This is ideal for anyone with aging eyes or other vision disabilities as well as educators or marketers in need of screenshares or captures for explainer videos and tutuals. Regardless of what you need this app for, once you install it, you will never, ever, be able to “lose” your mouse again!

I looked at several other mouse halo apps, but their reviews were mixed. Basically, the other apps were reported to be glitchy and/or unsupported as well as having severely limited, uncustomizable effects. myPoint Light S had the best reviews so I took a chance on it. I’m glad I did!


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OS X 10.7 or later, 64-bit processor



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