Your Pitch Perfect Partner now has even more features!

Imagine an app that plays music, improvises and adapts at the speed of thought, and accompanies you with intelligence and creativity in a way that if you close your eyes, you’ll believe it is a group of live human expert musicians! NaadSadhana for iOS brings this vision closer to reality.

Experience live accompaniment from 6 Intelligent instruments that span all genres from Indian Classical to Bollywood, from Pop to Jazz, and everything in between. They analyze your music (vocal or instrumental) in real time and using cutting edge techniques in artificial intelligence, respond instantly like live human expert musicians would.

* TABLA, MANJIRA - Experience live, expert table accompaniment, with a repertoire of millions of phrases per taal and artificial intelligence to create new phrases spontaneously.

* SWARMANDAL - Experience the magical ambience of a perfectly tuned, 22-Shruti Swarmandal that understands over 100 Ragas and responds to your music instantly, creatively and intelligently.

*2 HARMONIZERS (PIANO and STRINGS) - Experience softly swelling and gracefully fading strings for soulful color, and arpeggios and chords on piano for flair and flavor. On the 'Automatic Harmonizer' mode, artificial intelligence creates mood-aware and create harmony for any song, in any genre.

* RICH TANPURAS - A sampled Tanpura can never match the rich and resonant quality of a real tanpura. To create that 'javaridar', rich, resonant, realistic sound, NaadSadhana simulates in real time the mathematically intense physics of harmonics, overtones, a plucked string on a curved bridge, the resonant chamber, the vibrations traveling through the tanpura's body to create a Tanpura sound with Swayambhu Gandhar!

* PRECISION TUNER with score and detailed reports
Imagine having a musical partner that tells you if your note is a bit flat or sharp, or perfect, any time, tirelessly. NaadSadhana's precision tuner has AI to detect music so that it gives you correct feedback even in noisy environments. Real-time visual biofeedback will guide you swiftly to the perfect note and help you reach higher aural and vocal resolution. With detailed session statistics and score, measure your progress over time A great motivation and accountability tool.

The 3-Octave Multitouch Keyboard allows you to experience the all notes precisely, 12 Gandhar Tuned notes as well as the 22 Shrutis.

What’s New

Version 4.0.0

* v4.0 - INTRODUCING SMART HARMONY for all genres*
Pop to Jazz, Bollywood to Indian Classical, and everything in between!
Automatic, creative, and mood-aware harmony played on Strings and Piano as you perform.

* STRINGS - Add soulful color with rich, soft Strings that swell up and fade gracefully.
* PIANO - Add flavor and flair with arpeggios and chords.
* AUTOMATIC HARMONIZER - A new mode in the Raga/Scales menu for playing harmony intelligently based for any song in any genre.
* NEW WESTERN MODES / SCALES - Ionian, Aeolian, Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian, Locrian and Blues

Other changes:
- Tap beat gauge to toggle between a large beat gauge and a mini beat gauge (and a mini tuner gauge and large tuner gauge).
- Mixer panel has a master volume and settings control which has a new setting for adaptive volume for all instruments.
- New Raga and Taal menus, search by notes in the Raga / Scale
- Improved Swarmandal Tone, lowered cpu usage
- Faster app launch
- 25+% reduction in CPU usage when app is running in perform tab and screen is on.
- Fix a rare crash in the subscriptions page.
- Fix crash when app launches when a call is in progress
- Many other improvements under the covers

Ratings and Reviews

4.9 out of 5
28 Ratings

28 Ratings

Dipperooo ,

Amazing experience learning music with this app

As someone who casually sings western pop and recently started training in Hindustani classical music, this app has been an excellent tool in this transition.

You can choose a raag/scale as a setting and sing any song to the tanpura and tabla (which are both amazing by the way, it feels like live accompaniments as it’s not loop recorded). I’ve been using this feature to make sure I’m hitting the notes correctly as I practice my scales. This aspect of the app has really made me reflect on how off my notes have been before using this tool and I’ve already seen a drastic improvement in my pitch! The real time feedback this app gives you while you sing is absolutely genius.

I used to be intimidated by Hindustani music, but this app has given me the confidence that I can do this. It doesn’t hurt that it’s also really fun to practice with it as it feels like a game! For anyone who wants to be a better singer, I would highly recommend this app.

Ravi Kant C ,

In a class of its own!

As an amateur musician I am constantly on the lookout for computer-based tools/apps that can help with my daily practice. Recently I had the chance to try out the beta version of Naad Sadhana and I can honestly say I was floored -- a tabla app that actually listens and adapts to the singer in real time. There is simply nothing quite like this in any genre of music (that I am aware of).

The popular tabla machines/apps are loop based with very limited variety and inadequate even for a beginning student. The closest, in terms of musical sophistication, is iRealPro for jazz which generates rhythm-section accompaniment that sounds authentic and aesthetically sound. However even that is oblivious to the singer -- it doesn't listen and adapt.

When I heard about Naadsadhana I was frankly quite skeptical that such an app could exist. I was happy to be proved wrong! Over the course of one hour of stress testing, this Turing machine held its own. In fact it consistently made inspired choices like a highly skilled human tabla player would.

It is clearly a labor of love, an inspired creation, both in its concept and in its execution, and so utterly unique that it is unfair to compare it to anything else. The app creator clearly cares deeply about musicianship and obsesses about getting the right tone and feel in every phrase. I think this will be the standard bearer for the next generation of music apps.

Kris_Nallani ,

Must have for all aspiring classical musicians

During the few minutes, I sang with the app, it made me feel like a professional. I indeed had a concert like experience where I had a swaramandal, perfectly tuned tanpura and a live tabla player playing all at the same time. My favorite is, hands down, the tabla player. Its been 24 hrs since I had this experience but the tabla is still ringing in my mind. I can’t wait to own and use it for my riyaaz on a daily basis. I am sure this is going to take my music to a whole new level. Thanks so much Sandeepji😊🙏.


Sandeep Ranade
443.3 MB

Requires iOS 12.2 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.



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