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Compete and win against players around the world with a variety of battleships! Cooperate with clan allies and upgrade your warships to rule the ocean!

■ More than 400+ Battleships!
- Pick your favorite among the coolest destroyers, cruisers, battleships, aircraft carriers and submarines!
- Control legendary naval warships of USA, UK, Japan, Germany, and the Soviet Union.

■ Customize Your Battleships!
- Upgrade your battleships for different types of performance!
- Design your own battleship based on your choice of strategy.

■ Win against the World!
- Compete in the real time PVP against players around the world
- Communicate in chat system and cooperate with allies for victory!

■ Historic naval battles of World War 2
- Dive into realistic naval battles of World War 2 in Campaign Mode
- From Europe to the Pacific Ocean! Lead every war to victory and show what you’ve got!

새로운 기능

버전 7.0.6

- Harbour assault log fixed
- Harbour defence menu fixed
- Fleet members roles fixed

평가 및 리뷰

93개의 평가

93개의 평가

Scratch9883 ,

Wish I didn’t have to wait

I love the game, lots of fun with a variety of strategies. However I would suggest looking into your update process. I have this game on my iPad and iPhone, and when ever a update comes out the game directs me to the App Store to download the update, however the App Store does not show any update options available. I’ve had to wait up to a week before for the update to appear in the App Store. This has happened several times on both
devices so I’m pretty sure it’s not my error.

개발자 답변 ,

Thanks for your review. Actually the delay for update is not our fault too. We just release our new version from Apple management site. (iTunesConnect) Then we have to wait until all distribution for all players. Sometimes it takes several days depending on players location. Sorry for your inconvenience. I will ask Apple how to reduce distributing time.

The 25th Dragon ,

Great game, fantastic technical support

The game is easy to play yet has a surprising amount of depth to it. The singleplayer missions are quick yet challenging, and there are various forms of multiplayer combat. I was quickly able to earn enough of the in game premium currency to unlock every nation in the game (the game has 5 nations, the USA, Germany, USSR, the UK, and Japan. You get to choose one for free at the start, and each new nation costs 500 gold each). I did have a scare where I lost all of my progress with my unlinked account, but the technical support was able to not only get back to me within minutes, but was able to restore all of my progress, despite my account not being linked to Game Center or Facebook. I strongly recommend you give this game a try if you enjoy WWII naval games.

개발자 답변 ,

Thank you for your review. We are going to make a new update this week. We have prepared patches for daily quests and accessibility enhancements for beginners and lots of patches. The 3.13 version will be released in a few days, so if you have a new version, download it and try it again. We are actively gathering opinions from players and actively reflecting on game updates. We will continue to update continuously and quickly.

FknIrish ,

Confused and want help

So far I am enjoying this game and want to play more of it, but I can’t pass the tutorial because everything it tells me “your dock is empty, buy a ship” it doesn’t show the guy when I go to buy it and I can’t buy it. It just stays there and doesn’t change. It doesn’t progress forward or anything. It’s not my WiFi. It’s not my connection. It’s not having to do with Game Center or the app it’s self cause I deleted and disconnected both and tried literally everything. I can’t even restart or Delete that nation to try again. Please help :( I want to play but it won’t let me continue further.

개발자 답변 ,

Sorry for your inconvenience. Please send email to with detail screenshots. Thanks

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