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A completely new approach to NCLEX preparation.
NCLEX Genie is designed to get you to think like a nurse. It will teach you to use your critical thinking skills. It will show you how to make sense of confusing information. It will get you to practice making decisions under pressure, so you can do the same thing on the NCLEX.

Your entire career may be on the line. Download NCLEX Genie today and Pass your 2021 NCLEX exam the first time. Only from the Nurse Plus Academy.

• 1,200+ original exam-like study questions.
• Computer adaptive NCLEX Exam Simulator: closest experience you'll get to taking the exam. Mimics the actual algorithms used on the NCLEX® exam, pulling random questions from a huge database.
• The only program with Challenge Bank™ that tracks your missed questions automatically.
• Powerful Passing Probability analytics: see how you'd score on the official NCLEX exam if you took it today.
• 4 grab-and-go cheat sheets with most frequently asked exam questions.
• Smart hints.
• Instant access; use it 24/7, no internet connection required.

Does the idea of taking your NCLEX make your palms sweaty? Caps your enthusiasm? It should - because it’s one of the most important steps you’ll ever take. Unfortunately, the average US passing rate is just 67%. So why is the NCLEX so difficult? It requires you to synthesize a wide variety of information in the shortest amount of time possible. The NCLEX is a game of survival of the fittest. It’s not about your nursing education. It’s not about how much you already know. It’s about how much you can retain in a short period of time. It’s about your ability to think quickly and make decisions on the fly. The NCLEX is designed to test your ability to perform in a crisis, without any warning, without any preparation time, without any help.

What do you need to do to pass the NCLEX?
What you need is an edge. You need to be one step ahead of the test, anticipating what it will throw at you next. You need to be able to use your critical thinking skills to make sense of confusing information and to make accurate decisions. And you need to be able to use your time wisely - so you don’t run out of time on the most important questions.

These are exactly the skills we're going to teach you.

Introducing NCLEX Genie: the new gold standard in nursing education. It's the no-fail way to pass your NCLEX-RN or NCLEX-PN exam on the first try – without going to class or memorizing a dated review book. You’ll unlock over 1,200 exam-like practice questions written by curriculum experts, vetted by veteran nurses, and most likely to appear on the official exam. They cover every topic you’ll be tested on, including the toughest questions most people get wrong. Each question comes with a detailed explanation in support of the correct answer. Perfect for first-timers and renewal applicants.

Based on official NCLEX.
The Nurse Plus Academy study program is developed from the official NCLEX-RN and NCLEX-PN examination materials so it feels as real as possible.

Take the first step towards your nursing career.
You know you can't sit around and do nothing. You deserve a better job. You deserve one that can support you and your family. You deserve more money. You deserve to live your dream.

Don't gamble with your career. NCLEX Genie is proven to skyrocket your chances of passing – by quizzing you on the same types of questions you’ll see on the official exam. It makes studying a breeze. Rather than try to memorize boring facts and numbers, get comfortable answering exam-like questions that range from easy to knuckle-cracking hard. If you can pass NCLEX Genie, you’ll be ready to pass the real thing.

Let us help you breeze through your NCLEX exam.
Don’t let the exam stand between you and your dream job. With NCLEX Genie, you'll walk out of the testing centre feeling like you just took a first grade spelling test.

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Оценок: 182

Heya shah ,

Best app

I used this app for about 1 month and it's always a new question about all systems. I like most that their explanation is so easy to understand.

Ответ разработчика ,

Thank you for your feedback Heya 🏆👋💪

Mode9 ,

Great content.

Content is great and very affordable. Please enable landscape mode for the iPad and also bigger fonts for the rationale on the iPad for easier reading.

Ответ разработчика ,

Thank you for your feedback - happy to hear you value the content! I'll send your comments to the development team.

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