Classico gameplay in puro stile arena mescolato a elementi moderni e futuristici dove l'unica cosa che conta è l'abilità.

Classico gameplay in puro stile arena mescolato a elementi moderni e futuristici dove l'unica cosa che conta è l'abilità.
- Ambientato in mappe futuristiche, dovrai combattere contro l'IA per vincere!
- Veloce, frenetico, partite mozzafiato;
- 5 Arene fantastiche dove soltanto i giocatori migliori sapranno dominare;
- Mappe ricche di jump pads! Fondi le tue abilità nel movimento con combattimenti a mezz'aria;
- Trappole! Ogni mappa ha il suo unico e caratteristico modo di mettere in pericolo il giocatore;
- Padroneggia 8 classiche ma futuristiche armi in puro stile arena;
- Gradi e Skin:
Ottieni esperienza (XP) giocando e usa i token guadagnati per sbloccare Skin per le tue armi preferite!
- Deathmatch: spara a qualunque cosa si muova;
- Instagib: gioca ad un colpo un'uccisione con il tuo fedele Raygun!

*Almeno iPhone 5s/iPad Air richiesti*


Versione 1.0

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Valutazioni e recensioni

3,2 su 5
17 valutazioni

17 valutazioni

cuphead fanboy ,

Has potential 7/10

I downloaded this because it LOOKED promising but I still had a lot of doubts. However I found myself having a really great time with this. Decent graphics, great weapons to choose from, and pretty decent map that could use a bit of tweaking. However, the movement in this version of the game is slow and janky (even with sensitivity options changed) But this is not a problem with the steam version on pc since it uses WASD. You can pick up the steam version for $4.99. Not a bad price at all. But I like that the devs made it so the mobile version is free with no ads! (at least from what I’ve seen) And best of all, no micro-transactions! Some changes I recommend are, a timer to matches and also a higher frag limit like 35-50 or so. You should also make it so that actual players can make severs for other players to join,
Having many options to change the servers game conditions like frag limit, timer, etc. Granted, this game hasn’t grown much of a following. But I’m sure it will gain somewhat of a following when the game is actually finished. Also I think there should be a tad improvement with not AI but overall it’s fine I guess. I have hope for this game and devs, take as long as you need for finishing the game. It’s no rush.

Brandon Jahambo ,

Looks great but is very hard to play.

I love the old Quake and Doom games, and this game seems to operate much like the old quake games. The graphics aren’t space age but they’re awesome, I love the arena aspect against bots and the challenge is definitely fun. The only problem is with movement, it’s delayed and extremely off. It’s as if the character is drunk, I’ll try to look around only to start literally spinning without being able to stop. I hope the controls are fixed because my job isn’t getting anymore entertaining and I love games like this.

Dr@gon2006 ,

4/5 very good 👍👍👍👍 DAYTON MOISON

The game play is not bad at all the graphics are just perfection and the maps are huge which means it’s perfection BUT it’s the RANKSs and the XP that is the hold it takes to long to get to rank 15 maybe add in head shot point that count as 150 xp and if the game is supposed to be like quake 3 then you should add in the BFG or for Neptune the gun would be called. NFG meaning NEPTUNE FUNCTIONING WEAPON but although the game has much potential and Encourage the developers to have an update with some of these ideas.👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

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