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¿Buscas las series y películas de las que todo el mundo habla? Están todas en Netflix.

Tenemos series, películas, documentales y especiales de humor galardonados. Además, con la aplicación de móvil, puedes ver Netflix de viaje, en transporte público o en tus ratos de descanso.

Lo que te va a encantar de Netflix:
• Añadimos series y películas constantemente. Busca títulos nuevos o tus favoritos; puedes verlos en cualquier dispositivo.
• Cuantos más contenidos veas, más afina Netflix en las series y películas que te recomienda.
• Puedes crear hasta 5 perfiles por cuenta. Con los perfiles, cada miembro de tu hogar tiene su propia experiencia Netflix personalizada.
• Hay un espacio infantil con contenidos para toda la familia.
• Tienes videoavances de nuestras series y películas, y te avisamos de los nuevos episodios y estrenos.
• Puedes guardar tus datos. Descárgate títulos en tu dispositivo móvil para verlos donde quieras sin conexión a Internet.

La suscripción a Netflix tiene carácter mensual y empieza nada más suscribirte. Puedes cancelarla por Internet a cualquier hora. No hay contratos a largo plazo ni gastos por cancelación. Solo queremos que te guste lo que ves.

Nota: Nuestras normas de privacidad relativas a aplicaciones rigen toda la información recogida a través de las aplicaciones de Netflix para iOS, iPadOS y tvOS. Consulta la Declaración de privacidad de Netflix (enlace más abajo) para saber qué datos recogemos en otros contextos tales como el registro de la cuenta.

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Versión 14.11.0

Nosotros nos encargamos de mejorar la app. Tú solo decide cuándo y dónde ver tu próximo título favorito. Es igual de importante.

Sabemos que tienes donde elegir. Hemos mejorado la galería en esta versión para que puedas encontrar más fácilmente el título perfecto.

Valoraciones y reseñas

3,8 de 5
295,8 mil valoraciones

295,8 mil valoraciones



Overall a great app but there are some things that could be better. CAN YOU PLEASE ADD A TEEN SECTION, its so hard to find anything good that isn’t rated TV-MA because my parents wont let me watch anything thats TV-MA. Second, CAN YOU PLEASE STOP CANCELING SHOWS. Like most of the good shows that me and a lot of other people like got canceled, whereas these completely dumb shows got like 12 seasons or a sequel. Which brings me to my next request, can you please take away all the bad elementary school shows that make me want to pull my hair out (my sister and my mom make me watch them i would never watch willingly) like kid danger, and teen love story's that basically all go the same way like the kissing booth or tall girl. Also kinda an add-on to my first request but can you make a teen profile. Like how the kid profiles are but for teens. Like there would be no nudity or extreme violence, or kids stuff like cocomelon or stuff like what I said in request 3. but there can be like swearing and limited gore. Lastly, can you please review your ratings more because its really annoying when there’s nothing that bad about the show but its still TV-MA because theres somebody cutting their hand to get an infection out that somehow qualifies as self harm. Thats it hopefully you act on some of these I know its kinda long sorry about that but overall good app.

Mr Isidro ,

Please show Viewers Rating/Comments???

Why is it so difficult for you guys to add the option to read viewer written reviews which are available only through using the browser version of Netflix?
At times it seems like Netflix has some type of agenda to limit the chances of any of their productions from getting any kind of negative or honest viewer feedback. And one of the biggest actions Netflix did to prove my point is making the ridiculous and obvious mistake of getting rid of the 5 star review system which helped fine tune which movies were recommended for us. Some of us like my entire family for example had each perfectly fine tuned the movie recommendation algorithm after working hard to submit honest ratings for every single Netflix streaming movie we'd watched for multiple years (since Netflix first started offering its streaming service). And then without even asking for its customers opinion on the matter it just gets rid of the entire rating system and implements the useless thumps up or down rating! If Netflix ends up falling from the heights it's reached it will only be because of their lack of common curtesy and respect towards its customers feedback.

kro817 ,

Currently watching is a nightmare!

I love Netflix and admittedly have things streaming far too often throughout the day. Everything works beautifully and it’s easy to search for what you’re looking for and the list of saved shows is fine too. My big issue, however, is with the currently watching area on the tv app, phone app, and website. Sure there are tons (and I mean TONS) of articles all over the web giving instructions on how to remove shows from the currently watching section that you no longer want to view, but Netflix it’s your job to provide an easier method for doing this. It’s unrealistic to expect people to go into their history and delete a millions episodes of a show just to get to the movies and whatever other shows they need to remove from that section. Just allow a space on the titles to remove them from that area. Especially for shows or movies that you try out and end up not liking. They stay there for months! Also, the app on tv plays the show or movie just when you’re trying to read the info about it and guess what?? That also adds that title to currently watching! Fix this issue please! It’s 2020! We shouldn’t have to google the hundreds of articles teaching people how to get around your archaic ways with this one thing. Do better, Netflix.

Privacidad de la app

El desarrollador, Netflix, Inc., ha indicado que las prácticas de privacidad de la app pueden incluir la gestión de datos descrita a continuación. Para obtener más información, consulta la política de privacidad del desarrollador.

Datos vinculados contigo

Los siguientes datos pueden recopilarse y vincularse con tu identidad:

  • Ubicación
  • Datos de contacto
  • Contenido del usuario
  • Historial de búsqueda
  • Identificado­res
  • Datos de uso
  • Diagnósticos
  • Otros datos

Las prácticas de privacidad pueden variar, por ejemplo, dependiendo de tu edad o de las funciones que uses. Más información


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    Hasta un máximo de seis miembros de tu familia podrán usar esta app si tienes En familia activado.

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