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neuromore empowers you to change your state of mind, on demand. We use customized multimedia experiences and guided biofeedback to help you live from a more focused, relaxed, and creative state of mind.

It’s a tool to get your head in the game for when it matters most. Just select your desired state of mind, pick a program, and get ready to tune your brain to a new frequency. The next time you fall into an old pattern, it will be a little bit easier to disrupt it and get back to living the way you want to live.

(coming soon) Our app works great alone, and it’s even better with wearables: it uses your devices to create real-time, interactive audio and visual experiences. By training with neuromore, you will learn what it feels like to shift into the state of mind that’s right for each moment. Wearables become a way to enhance your experience of life, not just quantify it. (coming soon)

neuromore is built on world-class research in neuroscience and physiology. Over 10 years of scientific development and 600+ clinical studies have guided our app. It is compatible with major biofeedback and neurofeedback devices like the Muse from InteraXon and any Bluetooth LE heart rate sensor (like the Polar H7). (coming soon)

Imagine having the ability to choose your mood at any point throughout the day. With neuromore, you can train your mind to:
◦ Focus and concentrate
◦ Relax and manage stress
Rapidly access the benefits of meditation
◦ Stabilize in heightened awareness

Sounds and visuals are created in real-time, based on your experience. Explore our array of programs, track your progress, and find what works best for you. We’ll be adding new content and experiences so that our app grows with you.

New levels of joy, productivity, insight, compassion, and peace come with learning to control your state of mind. And a better life on the inside makes for a better life on the outside.

If you’re ready to take your life to the next level, download neuromore and get started with personalized, interactive experiences which show you how to get the most out of your mind.


Version 1.2.0

we made it bit nicer, updated airplay and added muse support for those participating in the finders course

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