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Next helps you get control of your expenses.
It's the easiest way to track your expenses. It's fast, elegant and won't get in your way.
And with iCloud sync and the additional iPhone/iPad apps, your data is everywhere with you.

Your expenses are grouped into different views: By year, month or day. And thanks to different colors, you’ll see at a glance where and when you’ve spent too much.

Other features:
• Excel/Numbers export
• Recurring Expenses
• Make a Backup file
• iCloud sync
• Many handy keyboard shortcuts for even faster navigation

Keep track of your expenses with Next!
• How much did you spend at the local coffee shop?
• Are you spending too much eating out?
• How much did you spend on clothes last month?
• Are you blowing too much on your hobbies?
• The possibilities are endless!

Give it a try today and let us know how Next helped you get control of your expenses.


Version 1.5

Fixes and dark mode support

Bewertungen und Rezensionen

2.9 von 5
11 Bewertungen

11 Bewertungen

GreenNeitzen ,

I really wanted to like this app

It is simple to use and I would love it if it worked correctly.

There are two sets of expense icons. One is the front screen and then there are other ones that pop up if you click on the “wheel” that is in the left hand corner. If you select one of those icons, after clicking save, the orignal one shows up and not the one you intended to use. I’ve tried this on my phone and my computer. Both work the same. Even though the video they show on their website demostrates this feature, it doesn’t currently work with El Capitan.

There is no way to delete an expense on the computer, but there is on the phone.

There is no help manuel to refer to that explains what might be a user error.

I have written them twice and yet no response.

I’m hoping they update this soon.

Randomplayer22 ,

Confusing and lacking

Just bought and started using. The category images are confusing and lacking additional categories for more precise expense tracking. I wish the categories were labeled. Also need to have an option to debit and credit. Because some purchases can be returned in store, but this cannot be currently recorded in the app. For me this is very important.

Jeremyworldwide ,

If they made some improvements, it could be killer app.

Honestly, I kind of regret buying Next. I have the Mac version and use it on iPhone and iPad. The layout and concept are great, overall, but the setup is totally lacking in functionality. There are many errors/bugs that need to be fixed. When I type in a place, sometimes I get repeated text, which is annoying as H-E-L-L. For example, I type Mark Pi’s, and get Mark Mark Pi’s, like that. Also, for the life of me, I can’t figure out how to delete an entry. Finally, no matter what I did, I could not get any resemblance of iCloud functionality. After emailing them several times with no response, I finally found out that you have to actually send their file to email, open it up on iOS, and then you can get the data from Mac. This means, they are not giving what they advertised. I am honestly very disappionted that their website is minimal and does not include a user guide or FAQ that are useful. This company has potential, but it doesn’t look like they are putting serious effort in to contend or improve this product. I regret investing in this software now, because they’ll probably stop support after a few years. Not a long term situation and not a company you can trust. On their blog, they talked a bit about not making enough money to support their business, so they are switching focus. Well, many companies survive off selling cheap apps, but they make it work. If you get a very good product, support your customers, get positive reviews, it keeps flowing. The webpage could be improved in a big way. Right now they are doing the opposite, with a good product, but a bad website, and bad user support. It is all about the users. If this program worked better, I might pay more, even pay for a subscription service. They could even sell a ‘regular’ and ‘premium’ version, in the case that they aren’t making enough money. Don’t keep trying to build cheap apps one after the other that are just mediocre, and focus on the ones that have potential. I don’t care how much fun you are having, as a user I am investing my time and money in you and want you to take things just a bit more seriously.

The fact that this software hasn’t been updated since June 2015 and it is now April 22nd, 2016 really says alot. I can hear the death bells tolling already.

If they fix these things, email me back for crying out loud, I might change my review. For now, I recommend staying away.


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