Night Stand HD 2 is the sleekest, most usable alarm clock app on the App Store that helps you wake up early and live healthily. We took the best features from the first generation Night Stand HD app, added new features, polished them up and then polished them a little more.

Introducing Night Stand HD 2 — new amazing clocks and features, ground-breaking Aggressive Alarm, stunning Polar Clock, Game Center integration and jaw-dropping visuals. Night Stand HD 2 is the best, most feature-complete time utility on the App Store.


Let's admit it. Waking up is a game and you want to score big! Take your wake-up-on-time skills to a whole new level. Wake up early, make the most of your day, stay active, live healthy. Accumulate points and unlock new, beautiful clocks. Share your achievements on Facebook and Twitter.

Invented by the SnoozeKillers™ — this alarm will put you through our patent-pending "get-your-brain-out-of-bed trials" that fire when you don't want to and really have to get out of bed. You'll love knowing it's there even if you never sleep in and the detailed presentation will make you smile.

How's that Retina Display working for you? Pretty awesome, right?. Night Stand HD 2 brings superb high-resolution graphics to the table, specifically hand-crafted just for the newest iOS devices. We can't wait for you to see it on the new iPad or iPhone 4S. Additionally, the same version of Night Stand HD 2 now works on all your iOS devices: iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Check out the stunning, simple and highly usable Polar Clock. Reading time has never been such an eye-pleasing experience.

We took the original LCD clock and updated it with a new, sleek and modern look. It sports four custom-tailored color variations: blue, green, pink and violet. Give it a spin, you will fall in love with it. It's the most readable and beautiful clock on the App Store and possibly beyond it.

Keep tabs on the local weather right on your clock screen, including temperature and conditions.

From the refreshed LCD clock to the intricate beauty of Nixie, and all the way to the new and stunning Polar Clock, Night Stand HD 2 showcases the most beautiful and usable clocks on the market. There is absolutely no competition to the feature set in Night Stand HD 2. You have to see all 10 of them yourself.

• Multiple repeating alarms
• Wake up to your own music
• Double-tap screen dimming
• Disable device auto-lock
• Customizable sleep music setting
• Customizable snooze
• Game Center Achievements and Leaderboards
• Notification Center support
• World Clock with multiple time zones support
• Hyper-realistic Stopwatch
• New, beautiful app icon

"If you plan on doing a lot of traveling with your iPad, this is a must." — Engadget

"We definitely recommend getting this app." — Macworld

"A hit! 20,000 downloads in just 30 days." — Forbes

"A must-have app for iPad." — Pocket-Lint


Version 2.5.1

- Fixed a bug with Game Center authentication.

Bewertungen und Rezensionen

3.5 von 5
99 Bewertungen

99 Bewertungen

Burkhart77 ,

Excellent Clock

I have been using this clock for almost three years. I love the creativity of the different displays but I'm all about visibility so the bright green big numbers is all I have ever used. The alarm functionality of being to set different ones for different days of the week is excellent and I am now frustrated that bedside clocks don't do the same thing.

There is a bug in that when you change time zones the alarms are off although they look like they will work so I docked 1 star. You just need to recreate the alarm which it took me a few trips to figure out. I hope the company continues to innovate in this space with new features and cleans up the bug.

yawitz ,

Alarm times still off when changing time zones

This application continues to be problematic if you want to re-use an alarm set in one time zone, then travel to another time zone. The alarm time appears to be off based on the difference between those zones. If you remember to delete the alarm and set a new one, I think it works, but this has become so unpredictable that I've stopped relying on it.

I reported this directly to developers many months ago, but it's still not fixed. Recommend not using this app until this problem is addressed.

Update: Tried the latest version on a recent trip, and this problem still exists. I reused an existing alarm that was set in one time zone but used in another, and the alarm failed to go off as expected. Not sure why this hasn't been addressed yet. (I fortunately used the built in alarm as a backup, which worked.)

Sunny0808 ,

Newer version - pay again…..

Don’t appreciate owning the earlier version and now having no support for it.
It has stopped loading and now I need to pay to get this version - not very customer friendly!!!! First version worked well enough I am giving the benefit of the doubt and another try….


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