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You are learning Norwegian, want to have a handy dictionary always with you (offline) and save the newly learned word as Favourites, then this is an ideal app for you. Specially if you are learning Norwegian.
Written from a learners perspective and experiences from learning languages, having
- both Norwegian to English and English to Norwegian word list.
- Weak verbs with their present, part and participle forms
- marked important nouns with et, ei or en.
- past and past participle form of common verbs of all four groups.
- option to add your word to 'Favourite' list to review them later.
- word list with categories (body, birds, nature, animals, weak verbs etc.).
- more than 100000 entries in Norwegian and English
- option to make a customize list of words and meanings which this dictionary is missing.
- facility to export your 'favourite' or customised word list'.

> You do not need to be online to use the app.
> Continuous upgrading of word list.

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Wersja 3.2.1

bug fixed for lexin link.

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3.5 z 5
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Ocen: 2

norsklærer ,

cheap but many mistakes

Just bought it yesterday -- already found lots of mistakes and inconsistencies. For example å føle 'to feel' gives past tense fylte. The modal verb å tørre has the forms tør-- torde -- har tort. The meaning is listed as 'to dry.' It really means "to dare."

Norges is translated as "Norway."

Under topics one can look up "krop" but most likely it means "kropp" lists 'orere' with the meaning ears. I assume the compiler meant 'ører.' Øie is listed as eye -- but should be 'øye.'

This dictionary suffers from not using the correct Norwegian alphabetical order. Here å -- the LAST letter is filed before æ and ø.

Under 'strong verb sterk [sic] verb' one finds a variety of verbs (e.g., svømme). Some nouns do have indefinite articles (showing the grammatical gender), however most do not. Occasionally the definite form is listed as the main form, while form like aret, års and åra -- are incorrectly translated as 'year' or 'years.'

How would someone seeking døgn look it up under 'a' because the translation is 'a day and a night.' The English equivalent for "I" is 'je' and "Jeg."

Some nouns (it seems) are capitalized, most are not.

So enjoy, but beware its shortcomings.

Robert Graziani ,

Norwegian Noun Gender Not Indicated

This app would be good if it identified the gender of Norwegian nouns. Unfortunately is does not. Knowing the gender of a Norwegian noun is absolutely necessary to be able to use it properly in a sentence. The gender determines the form of the definite and indefinite articles as well as the form any modifying adjective would take.


Syed Ashraful Karim
14.1 MB

Wymaga systemu iOS 8.0 lub nowszego. Zgodność z urządzeniami: iPhone, iPad oraz iPod touch.


Angielski, Arabski, Bengalski, Hindi, Norweski (bokmål), Szwedzki

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