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Designed for Apple Pencil

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The new app "Note Always PDF" is now available for purchase!

“Write smoothly. Correct intuitively.”
Note Always is a dedicated notebook app for Apple Pencil.

- Outstanding feel
The fastest response. Realistic, smooth renderings of blurring and blotching.
Because this app is just for the Apple Pencil, we were able to achieve this outstanding feel.

- Circle, grab and move
All it takes is enclosing the part you wish to move in a circle and move the hand icon.
Color, width, and the size are also adjustable.

- Smooth modification
Erase with your finger, undo by tapping with two fingers, and “circle and move”.
Without switching tools, perform “erase, undo, and modify” intuitively.

Draft your thoughts.
Sort out and elaborate drafts.
In order to support the repeated process of think, write, and re-write,
the product is made to pursue the pleasant ease of write and stress-free modification.

Perfect for sorting ideas, drafting presentation or manuscript, self-brainstorming.
For research, travel journaling, and schedule management.

Main Features

Intuitive stickies “writing with a pen and move with your finger”
Free sorting is the most suitable for sorting out ideas and thoughts.

Straight line, square and circle can be modified beautifully without losing the handwritten style.
Tip of the pen can be pushed in strongly, too.

Edit photos
Clipping and applying a retrospective filter,
Shading gridlines. Casually making it look slightly stylish.

Drag & drop
Enclose and push with your finger to drop into another app as is!
Easy linkage even with a part of a page in a notebook.

Other features include zooming, Split View, rearranging pages, exporting to PDF, and saving on the iCloud.

Note Always was created specifically for the Apple Pencil. You can use the app without one, but your writing will be much less smooth and responsive. We ask for your understanding.


バージョン 2.4.19

Bug fixes for iOS17 & iCloud.





Nothing—NOTHING—is closer to pen on paper

This app provides a very simple, clean, and enjoyable iPad environment for writing with Apple Pencil. It is incredible how close to writing on paper this is, even when writing in very small detail. I have 22 (twenty-two!) writing apps (notebook and sketching) on my iPad Pro and this is at least 10 times closer to writing on paper than any of them. Even the most popular note-taking apps do not interpret my handwriting like a physical notepad does (they often fail miserably). Note Always is amazing at making my writing look exactly as it would on paper.

I have only one request. I know this is a simple writing app, but if I could annotate PDFs on this, it would be absolutely perfect for me. Please, please add the feature to import PDFs. This would make it 5-stars!

Thank you for creating this gorgeous app.


Almost Perfect

Great app just needs type support and zoom handwriting to be perfect in my opinion, a redesign of the main page where you see the folders and notebooks would make the app a lot more intuitive as well.


One of the most natural and practical note taking apps

I am a user of note apps and constantly search for the best app. I use both free and paid. Note Always has the right balance of natural pen feel and digital use of ink and its manipulation. I am using it for business on a daily basis. An iPhone / Mac version and some basic copy / paste / duplicate capabilities and it will become a front runner in this space IMHO.


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