NotePlan is the All in One Digital Planner to help you organize your life, your work, and everything in between. You can manage your calendar, notes, and tasks all in one intelligent interface on both Mac and iOS (sold separately). Try NotePlan for free for 14 days, no payment info required.


- Integrates with your iCloud Calendars (supporting Google Calendar, Exchange, Yahoo, and more.)
- Dynamic tasks allow you to schedule tasks, see upcoming, overdue, and unscheduled.
- Syncs with your Apple Reminders, use Siri on the go to create reminders in NotePlan.
- Powerful calendar views to see events, reminders, and tasks in one place.
- Organize thoughts in Nested Tags
- Easily Add (and remove) image attachments to your notes.
- Syncs your notes via iCloud Drive to all your Apple devices (this is your data, not ours!).
- Global search across calendar events, reminders, tasks, and notes.
- Multiple dark and light themes to suit your style.
- Works offline, no internet required (sync does require connection).
- Built from day one to support Markdown editing within notes!


- “To keep up with all the stuff I have to do, I have tried most to-do apps. The simplicity of NotePlan’s approach makes it the winner in this category for me.”
- “The new design and layout is awesome. I’m a big fan of NotePlan and this makes information even more accessible and logically laid out.”
- “This is a fantastic app that solves a lot of pain points for me. You can start small and gather complexity at your own pace.”
- “Finally, an app that does exactly what I want.”

Download and try today for 14 days, no signup required, no payment info required. NotePlan is a one time purchase (no subscription) if you like the app!


If you’re like us, work life and personal life is starting to merge. Managing meetings, notes, next steps, projects, tasks, reminders in multiple apps, sites, or tools - can be pretty hard - but it doesn’t have to be! With NotePlan for the Mac and iOS, you can manage your calendar, notes, and tasks in one place. Instead of constantly context switching, you can stay focused and accomplish what you set your mind to.

We recommend starting by getting everything out of your head and captured in one place - such as a “Planning” note. After gathering your thoughts, NotePlan allows you to seamlessly translate items into tasks. Set dates to these tasks, such as “tomorrow” or a specific day of the week.

By integrating with Apple’s Calendar and Reminders, NotePlan can show you your meetings and events next to the tasks you set. Weekly or Monthly calendar view gives you a quick snapshot of what is scheduled, and where you may have gaps in your day so you can quickly schedule additional things to accomplish.

Reviewing and managing open tasks and deadlines is incredibly easy. On top of that, notes are perfect for brainstorming, saving links, taking meeting notes, or storing reference materials. NotePlan is highly-customizable too with handsome light and dark themes as well as tagging for organizing and wiki-style linking between notes.


If you have any questions, suggestions or problems, please contact us. We provide fast and professional support:

What’s New

Version 2.4.5

- Fixed: When you dragged a file into the editor it stopped creating a markdown link. Now it does again.
- Fixed: All-day events sometimes showed up on the wrong daily note.
- Fixed: The schedule dialog didn't appear when you opened it with many tasks selected sometimes.
- Improved: Tag detection parses round brackets properly now, like @review(1w)

Ratings and Reviews

SynBen28 ,

Want to like it

I only used it for a short time, so can't really comment much about the actual note taking/to-do aspect of it. Unfortunately, while I wanted to use the app more, there are two calendar features missing that rather killed it for me. The first was the inability to see a graphical week view. I am not a fan of the list style week view that the app uses and there is no way to change it. The other issue is that there doesn't seem to be any support for calendar feeds. I use a calendar feed to find out what events are happening on campus, as well as a calendar feed from the campus's learning management website Canvas. These are important parts of my calendar use to keep track of changes in classes and events, so not being able to see them really kills the app for me.

Developer Response ,

Hi and thanks for the feedback! NotePlan uses your iCloud calendars, so you can add the feeds to the preinstalled Calendars app and it should show up in NotePlan too. Did you try this? A week view is planned! Thanks for mentioning this.

Makingmark ,

Unique feature combo with responsive & active developer

Was surprised to see sub 4 star rating. Noteplan isn't perfect, of course, but that's because it's ground breaking and ambitious. What it does uniquely well:
- Allows you to see iOS Calendar & Reminders in one place so you don't have to hop back and forth and you can make notes about those and other items
- Ability to re-port your projects (work or otherwise) in a project view (note) or today view. Could be better but I'm not aware of any other app that does it better, for the way I want to work
- Allows you to use both structured and unstructed text in one view. Again could be better (would love ability to collapse nested items) but workable given that individual day notes are a good way to focus, since we live our lives one day at a time
- Under active development across all platforms and developer is quite active on reddit forum

Developer Response ,

Thanks a lot! Working hard on it. Features are coming and ironing out the issues one by one :)

starlove1 ,

major issues

I LOVE this concept, but there are some major issues with the Mac app. I tried turning on Dropbox sync and got about 30 copies of the same note over and over. (I had to go in and delete each one by hand since the app doesn't have the ability to select multiple notes.) Then I tried writing out tasks for the day and moving them to another day, and it didn't even work. Finally, I sat and wrote out a really long note, only for it to completely disappear. So frustrating. I paid $30 for this app and I really wnat to use it, so please fix!

While we're here, I just want to share some features I'd like to see added: (1) Ability to add images - even the basic Notes app for Mac allows this. (2) Allow sorting of notes by title, date, etc. (3) Ability to click and drag elements around on a note page. (4) Folders and sub-folders for tags (5) Single view of every task currently open, overdue, unscheduled etc. (6) SELECT AND EDIT MULTIPLE NOTES.

Again, I LOVE this idea but it needs some work.

Developer Response ,

Thanks for the review! Dropbox sync is still beta. There is a label "Preview" we have added to let you know. iCloud Drive is much more stable. Also make sure you don't accidentally delete notes, they might show up in your recents stream as 20200121.txt for example. We had several cases where this was the cause for disappearing notes. If you need direct support, please email me

Regarding the feature suggestions: (1) Images = currently work-in-progress, (2) sorting = see menubar -> View -> Sort Notes By, (3) dragging = while dragging is not working yet, you can use a key combo, see menubar -> Edit -> Move line(s) up/down (4) folders = planned, (5) single view for opened tasks = click on the red badge beside the month name for all overdue tasks (past opened todos), and generate views for the other categories using the smart filter, click on the filter icon left beside the search field, select what you need and then "Run Filter".

Hope this was helpful. In any case please contact me at for more details and please revisit your review if iCloud Drive sync works better for you. Dropbox is really in beta as of now and only a emergency solution.



Eduard Metzger
15.1 MB

macOS 10.12 or later, 64-bit processor


English, German

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