Hold nemt styr på dine madvarene i dit hjem.

Med lister til fryseren, køleskabet og skabene, kan du nemt tjekke hvilke madvarer I har tilbage, spotte madvarer der snart skal bruges, planlægge jeres måltider, lave en indkøbsseddel, undgå unødvendige køb, bekæmpe madspild og i sidste ende spare en god mængde penge.


• Lister der giver overblik over madvarer i din fryser, køleskab og skabene

• Synkroniser dine lister på tværs af enheder

• Scan stregkoder og kvitteringer for hurtige tilføjelser.

• Sortér dine madvarer efter udløbsdato, navn og kategori

• Flyt madvarer mellem listerne

• Søg og find hurtigt de madvarer du kigger efter

• Tilføj dine madvarer fra et bibliotek med mere end 200 madvarer

• Nemme intro-video'er hjælper dig i gang

• Opgradering til flere lister, alt-i-én liste og udvidelse af listerne fra 200 til 500 varer pr liste

Madplan & indkøbsliste

• Madplan: Planlæg dine måltider 3 uger frem, gem opskrifter og match ingredienser med dit lager

• Indkøbsliste: Lav en indkøbliste og tjek din lagerbeholdning på indkøbssedlen imens du handler ind

• Synkronisér din madplan med NoWaste Pro opgradering

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Version 5.1.5

This update includes:
- Fixes layout issue where quantities, amount and expiry option is covered.
- Translations and other minor fixes

Vurderinger og anmeldelser

4.4 ud af 5
303 vurderinger

303 vurderinger

willyxzcygjj ,

Useful, hoping for improvements

Overall this is a useful app. My main goal in downloading it and getting the pro version (very reasonable since it’s a one time cost) was to get notifications of when food is about to expire so that we don’t waste as much. For the most part this app works, but there are some glitches that hopefully will continue to get fixed with future updates. For example, once in a while when you scan the barcode, the wrong expiration date pops up. There are still other times where it doesn’t recognize the type of food, and when you try to enter it manually, it doesn’t let you put an expiration date or puts the date that you enter as the expiration date. For this to be useful, the expiration dates have to be accurate. Overall though, I’m hopeful as I do think this will help me keep better track of our food and when it’s expiring. I haven’t used the receipt feature yet but I’m hoping that will work too.

Equinecm ,

Great app! Could become very popular with some work

If you’re looking to get this app, I would go ahead! It’s really great to track all your food items.

I’ve just recently downloaded this app, and from what I can see it’s pretty great. Most of the bad reviews on here are pretty old and have been fixed already.

A few tips I have for the developers are:
- Add more categories!!! I find it a bit funny that you have a category for “Chocolate creme” (which basically means Nutella)but not for something as simple as baking ingredients or sauce. Some of the categories are a bit too specific as well, like flour. People usually don’t have multiple types of flour at once.
- Maybe make there be a way to eat some of a product but not all? For example, if I have 5 packages I could just check it off and it will move down to 4 packages or something.

Keep working on this app! I love it so far and I think it will just keep getting better!

whoDean ,

Great idea, needs polish

My family has been using NoWaste for several weeks now. Love the idea (WANT to live the app) and the app is a great start, but it needs a lot of work.

Adding items isn't intuitive, for instance the system shows you defaults based on the last item you entered, but you have to re-enter or at least tap on each option (size, number of items, category) to set them for the current item. You have to scroll through the categories list each time, you can't search for the category. It takes the app a significant time to sync your list each time you add or remove items. Need to partner with sure database of UPC codes so that users don't have to enter details of so many items. Lots of small bugs like that around adding/moving items means that it takes WAY too long to add your new items after grocery shopping. This friction will cause many potential users to give up.

It would be nice to interface with existing shopping list apps like Anylist. Instead NoWaste offers its own inferior shopping list option. Stick with your core concept, providing access to the list of the food you have in your home.

There have been several app updates since we purchased it so at least the developer is actively working on it.


KH Creations IVS
108.8 MB
Food & Drink

Kræver iOS 11.0 eller en nyere version. Kompatibel med iPhone, iPad og iPod touch.


Dansk, Engelsk, Tysk

Sporadisk/mild brug af eller hentydning til alkohol, tobak eller narkotika
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