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** nPlayer 正式支持 DTS (DTS HD)、DTS Headphone:X。

** nPlayer 支持 Dolby (AC3, E-AC3)。

** nPlayer是通用的应用程序。你可以在其它iOS设备进行安装无需额外购买。

** nPlayer需要iOS 9.3或更高版本。如果你有其他的iOS版本,请购买nPlayer专业版(支持官方授权的杜比解码和杜比音效)。

- 你无需将视频文件转换为 MP4,即可在你的移动设备中进行播放。 nPlayer 可播放所有视频格式和编码,无需文件转换。

- 你无需将视频文件存储在你的空间有限的设备中。 nPlayer 具有多种强大的网络技术,可帮助你从远程设备进行流播放。

- 只需动动手指,即可调整播放位置、移至前一条和后一条字幕位置、调整字幕的位置和字体大小、控制音量和亮度。

- 体验 nPlayer,这是数千位用户的推荐。

* 功能

- 正式支持 DTS 音频编码 (DTS HD)
- 支持 Dolby 音频编码 (AC3, E-AC3)

- 支持iXpand闪存驱动
- 支持 Chromecast
- 支持 智能电视视频投
- 支持 HDMI 输出

- 支持音频文件:MP3、WAV、WMA、FLAC、APE 等。
- 支持图像文件:JPG、PNG、BMP、GIF、TIFF 等。
- 支持播放列表文件:CUE、M3U、PLS

- 支持 UPnP/DLNA(如果 DLNA 服务器提供字幕信息,则支持字幕)。)
- 支持云服务(Box、Dropbox、Google Drive、OneDrive、Yandex.Disk)
- 支持应用内网页浏览器
- 支持 iTunes 视频/音频播放(DRM 内容除外)
- 支持专辑中的视频和图片

- 播放速度控制:0.5x ~ 4.0x
- 恢复播放
- AB 反复播放(特定部分反复播放)
- 屏幕锁定

- 支持 HEVC/H.264/MPEG4 硬件加速
- 屏幕水平翻转和垂直翻转 亮度和饱和度控制
- 长宽比:默认、1:1、3:2、4:3、5:3、16:9、1.85:1 等

- 支持多通道音频
- 支持音频增强
- 支持音频同步
- 支持歌词播放
- 支持 Dolby、DTS HDMI Bitstream (Passthru)

- 支持嵌入字幕
- 支持多通道字幕
- 支持用户选择字幕文件
- 支持在播放是添加额外的可选字幕
- 支持自定义字幕字体、颜色、阴影。
- 支持字幕同步
- 支持外部字幕字体
- 支持 SAMI(SMI) 标签
- 支持 SSA/ASS,带完整风格和嵌入式字幕

- 文件管理:删除、移动、重命名、创建文件夹
- 播放列表管理:添加、删除、修改
- 支持最近播放列表
- 文件夹锁定
- 支持 Open-in(打开方式)

- 支持 UI 主题

* 手势功能

- 点按:菜单
- 双击:弹出播放
- 水平拖动:调整播放位置
- 在屏幕右侧垂直拖动:音量控制
- 在屏幕左侧垂直拖动:亮度控制
- 在屏幕上捏合:屏幕尺寸调整
- 在字幕文字上水平拖动:移至前一条/后一条字幕文字
- 在字幕文字上垂直推动:字幕位置调整
- 在字幕文字上捏合:字幕字体尺寸调整
- 支持自定义手指手势


版本 3.12.17

- Fixes a crash issue when generating thumbnails


4.7(满分 5 分)
1,776 个评分

1,776 个评分


BEST PLAYER ANYWHERE but zero support

THE GOOD NEWS - best player on earth for apple IOS and rock solid, no bugs. So many features youll think u hit lottery.

Bad news IF IT MATTERS...they NEVER respond to emails, like never ever ever. Maybe they know the product is flawless or maybe their zombies. Who would know since they never reply. Ive sent multiple emails asking for just ONE tweek to UI loaded with compliments. No reply. Oh well.

But hey, its AMAZING SO just buy it and be happy.

Hands down this player will play ANYTHING from ANYWHERE on earth. Plays any file imaginable from any cloud, any server, any laptop pc, mac unix or other unix, plays from ftp servers w/o having to know some horrendous long path like vnc. IMPORTANT, MANY programs say they play from ftp or webdav but they actually downloadd whole file then play it locally. NOT NPLAYER, it streams from ftp and webdav. Just for fun we testedd streaming from from an old apple osx 4 .11 from year 2000, it worked Also. 20 year old pc and it worked. Chromecast surrroundsound, dts, DOLBY, TRUHD, flac, oog, etc ad nauseum. Like i said bloody everything.

bug free, simply amazing, just never send emails your better off talking to yourself in a mirror for an hour if it makes ya feel better. Haha jeez.


Add music playlists from local

This feels like kind of a low bar, but this is the only app I could find capable of adding a music folder from local storage, selecting all files at once to place in a playlist, and shuffling the playback of that playlist. Kind of mind-boggling that that’s hard to find. I was happy to pay for the no-ads upgrade. You can even sort the playlists into folders, which is a nice touch.

If I can make two suggestions: it would be nice to be able to point to the files without duplicating them (though I think that may just be a limitation of iOS) and I’d love to be able to sort any music I add by artist and album in addition to by playlist or folder. I’m also not entirely confident the playlist deleted from storage properly when I tried to do so in the app, as the music was able to continue playing in the player. I hope it’s just a delayed, temporary-cache-type effect, as it would be a real problem for me over time if they built up in the background (I want to rotate music on and off the device).


Not quite

The reviews sold me so I paid $5 and I have to say this is either a Swiss Army knife or a Rubik’s cube depending on what you are looking for. I am an audiophile more than a videophile purchasing for the DLNA capability streaming from a music server. If you care about album and artist information this app is NOT for you. Album and artist information is non existent in the app. I sent an email asking if there is a way to enable album and artist information in the app and in screen (Airplay) and no response. Seems like a no brainer to me.

If all you care about is song title, this is the app for you. The configuration options are over the top, but you can absolutely get lost navigating the app. Look at 8player or mconnect if you are an audiophile looking for DLNA functionality. Hopefully, they can add artist and album information functionality and build some additional structure around configuration as it really is a solid player with some interesting playback options. Never crashes. Just plays!

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