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4.0 out of 5
119 Ratings

119 Ratings

Seitsinger ,

Love Real News. Hate how much the app has issues!

Not sure why there’s monthly issues with the app working. There’s seems to be issues with the app off and on and I can’t help, but think it’s the elites doing whatever they can to take it down.

WeMatter2God ,

OAN - Please READ, and HELP!

Come on OANN! PLEASE SAVE your BRAND! There are, NO DOUBT, MILLIONS of us out here that are MISSING your TELEVISED NEWS since marxist AT&T pushed you (therefore, us) OFF of their service! I’m ANOTHER ONE who has come to depend on your great and bold service to the citizens of our great country who CANNOT even GET SIGNED ON to this app! Millions of us have been disenfranchised by AT&T, with NO BRAVE and HONEST complete TV news coverage (Newsmax now only partially meets that description!). I beg you to FIX this app, and give it the same GREAT CARE you gave your TV NEWS NETWORK, or REMOVE this one from the APP STORE.

Incidentally, this is the the SECOND OAN APP I’ve discovered in the App store. I’m already signed on to the other one, although it’s not nearly as easy to navigate as I would like; and I thought perhaps this one might be better. If you ABANDONED this one for the other one, PLEASE remove this one - as it is obviously both confusing and frustrating to your LOYAL OANN FANS 😢 May God richly bless your network for your strong and faithful stand, and the MANY RISKS you’ve individually and collectively taken, and the sacrifices you’ve each made, in your efforts to BEST INFORM and WARN us…in efforts to HELP SAVE us and the sovereignty of our nation ✝️🙏🇺🇸

Ms Ramon ,

OAN Trustworthy news for true Americans!

Thank you so much for your programming! Without you/ would be sad! I tell everyone who will listen about you and your people. So professional treat guests with respect, and most of all the Truth. Why is it so hard gir the ogher networks to be honest and truthful! Is it worth paying a price for $$? Morals are Very important to True Americans and their offspring. The world is a much better place with you staying on-track with principles and honesty. Sad to know most do not seem to care!
God bless all of you, your staff and employees.

I pray you can stand against the evil forces and reap eternal lives. In Jesus' Holy Name!
Ms Ramon

Myas2011 ,

Great app

Love the app. No issues. Able to create account in the website and then was able to sign in. Now I can watch OAN on my iPhone, computer, Apple TV and ROKU TV. I used to have a subscription through Apple TV, but canceled it since it was the only place I could watch OAN because I could not create a password. That’s why I created the OAN account through the website so I can have a user name and password and watch OAN any place I want.

ldbrown1710 ,

Please Fix Login Issues

Please fix your sign in issues! It’s been quite sometime now since DirecTV kicked you off and we purchased a subscription, these issues should be long gone by now! Been patient a long time now, will have to cancel if it’s not permanently fixed. Sad, we love and greatly appreciate your channels honesty and integrity. I understand that issues arise from time to time but this is the same ongoing issue. Absolute 5 stars when this nagging problem goes away!

Shirlese ,

Needed the new app

We love this News app and watched in Klowd but couldn’t find a way to get live there anymore. Kept trying how to reconnect on old app. Saw comments under rating where people connect see it. The name change was our problem. So glad to be reconnected again. Hope y’all win in court for sure and never be silenced for the truth!

2520GMW ,

A Must Have to Support OAN

We downloaded the app even though we already had OAN streaming through KlowdTV bc it is so important for us to support OAN and conservative values. We have not yet cancelled DirectTV bc it cancelled OAN but will be soon. I see ppl having trouble w the new OAN app! Don’t give up on it! Make it ur news source and spread the word to watch OAN! There is no other news like it! Thank you OAN for all u do!

Adequate_ ,

Works fine on iPad 9th gen

Works fine. To sign up, use the OAN website. Then after picking a subscription, and making a user name, you can sign in both on the website with it, and on the app as well. App functions fine for all basic purposes.

linbarrett ,

Love OAN - need help signing in

We really miss OAN on Direct TV, but thought I would try and watch it on the app. They ask me to sign in, but I can’t find a place to create an account. Please put a create account on the sign in page.

bjk454 ,

Way better than Fox

Was watching OAN on Directv. Cancelled my directv when they opted not to carry OAN. Didn’t want to pay the monthly fee but after a month of watching other news I decided the monthly fee was well worth it. Love OAN.