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Passwords ∙ Secure notes ∙ Identity ∙ Strong authentification

OAuthentic is a sensitive data and identity manager. EASIER. SAFER. MORE INNOVATIVE


- Unique free offer with unlimited number of data for life.

- Note editor with Markdown styling support: This is the easiest way to format notes regardless of the device used.

- Multi-devices : OAuthentic can be used in parallel and synchronously between several devices.

- No additional password required to access data.

- QR code-based authentication function for applications that implement the OAuthentic API


- Systematic biometric verification of sensitive operations according to the smartphone native capabilities.

- Strong authentication of the eponymous web application by the Man-In-The-Middle attack-proof mobile application. This function also benefits all applications that implement the OAuthentic API.

- Thanks to its « Zero Knowledge » technology, the confidentiality of your data is guaranteed end-to-end without any possibility of disclosure even in case of external pressure or attack.


- Help to encryption key management: The ISBN scanner and the GeOAuthentic backup feature are exclusive OAuthentic tools for reconnecting privacy and simplicity.

- Standard encryption algorithms: OAuthentic relies on the Web Crypto API now available on most devices with modern browser.


Version 4.2.1

- Authentication log
- Authentication support for mobile apps based on OAuthentic API with custom URL scheme
- Minor bugs and typos

Confidentialité de l’app

Le développeur, Guillaume Dorbes, n’a pas fourni de détails à Apple sur ses pratiques en matière de confidentialité et son traitement des données. Pour en savoir plus, consultez la politique de confidentialité du développeur.

Aucun détail fourni

Le développeur devra fournir les détails relatifs à la confidentialité lorsqu’il soumettra sa prochaine mise à jour.

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