OCR Text Scanner: QuickScan Ratings and Reviews

4.9 out of 5
2.8K Ratings

2.8K Ratings

AertoneFX ,

An Incredible Document Scanner

Have you ever wanted to make a digital copy of your physical papers and files? Well then, QuickScan is the app for you! Creating digital copies of all of your physical documents is extraordinarily simple and takes no time at all to copy each individual document. Simply open the app, press the New Scan button, and hold your document in front of your iPhone or iPad’s camera and the app will automatically take a picture of the document, allowing you to quickly move on to your next document to continue creating digital copies of all of your physical files. If having the app automatically snap a photo of your file is too fast or too imprecise for what you are wanting, you can always enable manual shutter to be able to better position your photo, prior to manually snapping a photo of your document, or simply edit the cropping of each of your document’s individual photos. After you finish taking photos of your documents with this fantastic app, then you can share those documents to whoever it is that you might want to have your documents, or you can save them for later. In addition to being a stellar document scanner, QuickScan collects no data at all and has absolutely no ads.

inthesand ,

Still the best OCR scanner in my opinion

After using the latest version of "Quickscan" I continue to be impressed with the quality of the scanning output and the English OCR. Regarding English OCR, the app is almost flawless in reading even poor quality photos or PDFs and translating them into readable and searchable PDF text versions. The app also continues to do a non-destructive conversion. That way if a word doesn't correctly translate, it will still appear as the original.

This latest rollout includes the ability to store your scans in the app. That is really helpful sometimes when you need to go back and make a change to a prior scan. You can now do some basic editing within the app, such re-ordering or deleting pages before the conversion. This update provides a noticeable improvement in the image quality of PDF scan, especially if set to the highest quality scan setting.

Best of all, this app is *free*. I find that unbelievable given the quality. So if you download it and find it as useful as I do, give the developer a tip and we will continue to receive updates to the best OCR scanner on the App Store, IMO.

Developer Response ,

I can't thank you enough for this review, a real pleasure to read, pure motivation. Thank you!! 🙏🏻

jon646546 ,

Excellent privacy focused on device scanner

I’ve been trying to find a privacy focused fully on-device scanner that gathers no personal data, uses no cloud processing or storage, AND supports OCR layer to make searchable PDFs. Apparently this was almost impossible to find… UNTIL now. This developer totally gets it and understands there is a demand for exactly this type of app. The app is beautifully and thoughtfully designed to be simple and streamlined but with advanced features. Even though this app is free, I have donated to support the developer and continued updates. I don’t pay for apps often, but if you find value in this free app, I strongly encourage you to donate because that is the only way to ensure this type of high quality app gets made and continually updated since developer makes no money off selling your data like most other apps. He deserves it. Well done!

meltmade ,

Great scanner

I have been trying for years to get myself really organized and scan mail (with a regular hardware scanner) and scan stuff out in the world (receipts, cards, signs, etc with my phone) and import all of this stuff into a document manager that runs OCR on everything and makes everything searchable.

I have used a few dedicated apps for this purpose and some of the bigger offerings (Dropbox, Readdle). I found this app on Reddit’s /r/apphookup before it died and I have been really happy with it ever since I tried it out. It is easy to file away my scans where I want them to go, the UI is intuitive, and it doesn’t feel like an additional feature on something that is designed to rope me in further on some other ecosystem. I appreciate its limited scope and its excellent focus on its task at hand. Greetings and thanks to the developer for providing this software as it is.

Pikaroth ,


I cannot stress how amazing this app is and also simple to use! The scanning is second to none, and today it was actually needed as part of my professional life. I’ve had to work from home this past week, and I was required to scan and then in a multi-page document. Do I drive 40 minutes to work just to use the scanner? Nope! Fired this up on my iPhone 13 Pro, scanned the pages, it put them together on a PDF with a simple button press, and I sent it as an email. That was that. Yes, there are other apps that scan out there and do similar things, but none bring it together like this! Easy to understand and navigate, no ads (but you can, and should, donate!), and there when you need it! There is no reason to NOT have this on your phone!

Developer Response ,

That is an outstanding review! Thank you 😃

Vkrown ,

best scanner app I ever came across

I’m not a person usually wrote review or comment on something. To thanks 🙏 and show support to the developer of this app especially, I would like to give short review of this app. I’ve been tried so many scanner app on the market, but I find this app is the best compare the rest I’ve been try before. The scanner feature is excellent, it can capture the edges of the paper precisely even our hands shaking hold the phone. It have the OCR function afterward if you like it to be read. You can save it as pdf, as text or jpg format. It simple and do what the app function perfectly, and the developer made this app totally free. It outstanding... I wish the developer can create more useful apps in the future. Thank you to the developer sincerely.

jocklon ,

Quick and Concise

OCR scanning is such a great feature that I now use daily. The ease of just taking a photo of a product, device, document or whatever it may be, scanning the image, copying the extracted text and pasting it into my notes, tasks, messages, etc. saves so much time and effort.

Now that I'm consistently using QuickScan, it is just that easy. I initially purchased a few different apps and have found them to be slow or lagging, inaccurate, posting error messages and inconsistent.

It's very impressive how well QuickScan performs, even when reading text that's out of focus to some degree. I have briefly tried one other app comparable to QuickScan, but it's expensive and requires a subscription.

On that note, I want to thank for providing such a great app and of course in addition to not actually charging, not going down the subscription path.

I did initially make a donation to buy you cup of coffee, but just prior to writing this, I bought you a sandwich as well. I also appreciate the fact that you don't request donations to purchase lottery tickets, because those people just take forever in line at the convenience store...

Scott1155 ,

QuickScan Is An Excellent App!

iPhone 12 Pro, iOS 14.7.1 - I was happy with my scanner app and was not looking for a new scanner app but I’m glad I found QuickScan. This app is excellent in every way. The app is small in file size, produces excellent quality scans, is intuitively laid out, is full featured, and just works without any messing around. The developer impresses me as an honest person that put their heart and soul into this app. I was so impressed with this app that I purchased the developer a “book” within 30 minutes of downloading this app. My thanks to the developer for a well thought out app that is simple to use and works great. Job well done!

TrisSeattle ,

Great simple document scanner

High quality, simple, straightforward interface. Best of all you can save directly to your files without the intermediate step of saving to a cloud service first (such as Adobe scanner). I just wish you could set a default for “auto shutter” or manual... it defaults to auto with each new scan, and it always seems to capture before I am ready (and hands steady). Would upgrade to 5 stars with this feature. Overall great app! Highly recommended. UPDATE The developer took my review into account and has added this feature. I have upgraded my review from 4 to 5 stars. Thank you!

Developer Response ,

Thank you for your review! There is now a setting to set the shutter to auto or manual. I hope this will help you! Best regards, Jonathan

Debipalafox ,

Amazing technology! So easy to use

My son just had me download this app. I am totally computer, technology illiterate. This app was so easy to use. With this Covid 19 pandemic, it’s taking forever for us to get our lottery application approved at my work. The representative for our area won’t be allowed to come in to the stores till the end of the month. I asked my son if he could help me scan all 10 pages of the application, so I can email the application to the representative. He sent me this app & I downloaded it. It’s that simple. It’s self explanatory. Love it! Can’t wait to show my boss tomorrow when I get to work.