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293 个评分

293 个评分


‘Bug fix’ was really adding a banner ad

I liked the scale, the UI and the sync feature until the latest ‘bug fix’ that came with an annoying banner ad that blocks data. I paid for the scale and the app came with it. The ‘feedback’ option inside app does nothing. The help is built in, so there’s no way to contact them, and their website only offers an option to download the app. Their greed by adding this annoying banner ad inside the app has made purchasing the scale a disappointment. Go elsewhere.


Useless! ALWAYS defaults to husband’s profile

Awful! Spend your money on something more reliable. I have been using the app with the paired scale for a while but now it defaults to my husband’s profile constantly. I tried to correct this by tapping on my picture first before standing on the scale and as soon as I weigh myself it is back to my husband’s profile again. When I tap on my profile in the weight measurement area it keeps coming back to him ( who btw, has not used the app in more than a year, he now only tracks on paper logs after becoming frustrated with the app himself). There is no way to delete a family member in settings. I have registered this complaint inside the app but got no resolution or response. Moreover, I’m sure readings for hydration, muscle mass and body fat percentage are not accurate. I drink more than 64 oz of water per day, have increased the amount of weight I can lift by 10 to 20 lbs across all muscle groups (increased strength should signify muscle growth, right?) So, I’m deleting this app and will now record my weight manually in another health tracker. I could have used a cheaper, non-Bluetooth scale to do that.

Dude named Ben

Chinese Spyware. You have been warned.

You have this app likely because you bought their weighing scales. For NO reason other than data harvesting you have to have a user email and password held by them to use your energizing scales and app. No data is kept on your phone. It’s in their databases. There is NO functional reason for this. I believe this is a privacy violation under Eurozone laws and likely other countries laws.

The way this app and the weighing scales/body analysis should work is like this
1. The scales are paired to your phone by Bluetooth.
2. The data is added to your phone and the graphs etc are produced on your phone.
That’s it. Simple.

But China is harvesting all this medical data.

Way to get around this privacy violation since you only discover this after you. It their machines.
1. Set up or use a non specific or throw away email address.
2. Do not use real names on the app.

They will still harvest your medical info but at least you don’t give them names to tie it too.

I am disgusted with this company.

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