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There are so many monsters.
Let’s go on an adventure with the Hero!
Magic-controlling elves, legendary monsters of four symbols,
Rare monsters hiding at each corner of this world.
See if you can acquire the best equipment and magic to be the true superhero!

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버전 1.0.3

Bugs fixed

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6개의 평가

6개의 평가

Deobss101 ,

Good Concept needs some polish .

Enjoy the the whole game concept but I think we need a quality of life improvements to make the game more enjoyable. Make something about the exploration part ( battles and walking ) faster ; something like x2 or x4 speed . I mean Im still on 1% completion after 4 hours . Very slow. Selling equipment at the blacksmith or shop and being able to buy equipment would be great or make new equipment easier to find . I haven’t found any new equipment in 3 hours . It makes the whole exploration/adventure aspect tedious . I really enjoy the concept but it’s beginning to become a chore to play just because the overall progress is slow. I hope the devs see this and make some improvements I know its been a year since the last update 😅.

Gamer(s) ,

Good idea but slow pace...

I like how the beginning portrays there is much to be done in the game, but it gets so repetitive due to the adventuring itself being fairly slow. It’s unfair that the battle system is under the “active” style instead of the “wait”, since picking a skill or item is not freely shown (so much room for it) until you get your turn and it also requires to tap open the skill/item list icon, you’ve pretty much lost a few seconds that the enemies can still attack you. On top of that, even skills can “Miss!” whereas it’s bad enough that normal attacks does so very often already.

Please update with a more convenient walking speed, also show the skills/items on screen but make it unavailable until you actually get your turn, fix character’s hitting accuracy to higher setting, detailing of character stats and resistances.

개발자 답변 ,

Thank you for your review, we will try our best to improve or respond what you mentioned in the sequel.

GameLoverMuch ,


Stupid iOS 13.1.5. The review kept closing on me, so I will write it short. The game is good but the flaws keep giving me frustration so I deduct 1 star.



iOS 9.3 버전 이상이 필요. iPhone, iPad 및 iPod touch와(과) 호환.


영어, 일본어, 중국어(간체), 중국어(번체)

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  1. Ancient knight's scroll $0.99
  2. Surprised Hammer $0.99
  3. Lucky piggy bank $0.99


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