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4.0 out of 5
1K Ratings

1K Ratings

Txtn833 ,

Fabulous Customer Service

I’ve been using OnMyWay for about five years now. I’ve been collecting miles quietly for ages. And I’ve never had any issues with the app. It always counts where I go, it’s never slowed me down, it’s so good.
Recently, I did contact customer service because the app began interfering with my maps service. On Apple, a blue bar appears around the current time that you can hit to go to your directions. OnMyWay began interfering with that interface, so I left them some feedback in an interview. They said they’d get back to me and I figured that was as far as they would go.
THEY FIXED THE PROBLEM. AND THEN. EMAILED ME BACK TO TELL ME. I was so impressed! I felt so listened to! It wasn’t as if I had yelled or demanded a fix in my email - I was just leaving some feedback. But they really went to the stars and I was so touched by it.
Long story short, wonderful app, wonderful people, wonderful life. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

teaganmckenzie ,

It actually is a scam…

I never write reviews so that’s how bad this is… it’s not real! You do accumulate “cash” for miles driven but you can only redeem it on gift cards for junk the app itself is selling that always costs just a bit more than what the gift card is worth. Just when you’re about to give up on it, they’ll lure you back with new offers “coming soon” but they never actually arrive. And if you have questions about the so-called offers or promotions, the “real-time chat help” is a joke. There is no chat option even though that’s literally what they call it, the link just takes you to a list of articles. When you finally find a way to contact “helpdesk” they will just email you a link to that same list of articles! If you’re as stubborn as I am to get at least something out of the miles driven with this app, it’ll take about 10 years to cash out the thousand bucks (assuming that’s even still an offer 10 years down the line). But the app will drain your phone’s battery life in the meantime. I’ve held out several years for ANY kind of reward but I think I have to finally cut my losses and delete the app, they’ve sucked me dry.

Bethanylovescats ,

Don’t waste your time with this app

They give you 5 cents per mile of distraction free driving. I think it’s a great thing to get rewarded to do what we should be doing anyway. The problem though is that you can’t cash out on your earnings. They used to have “marathon” cash deals, but those were often unavailable, and you had to have over $5,000 of OnMyWay cash and refer over 50 people. But now all they have are discounts for items, which you have to pay for yourself. They’re supposedly launching a crypto program, but their promised launch date has come and gone, and it still hasn’t launched yet. There is no phone number to call if you have an issue, they’re reachable by email only and a response takes days (if they respond to you at all.) I’ve been trying to reach out to them regarding their crypto program, but they seem to be ignoring my messages. I currently do not recommend this app to anyone based on their customer service and current offers. If my issue doesn’t get resolved soon with them, I will be deleting my account. If something good happens with them, I’ll update my review.

Developer Response ,

Simply Not True...Very Confusing... Free Gas, Free Starbucks, Free McDonalds, Etc Etc, plus Free Travel and NFT's and a ton of other stuff is no good? Today we have marked 200 Lives Saved. So Good Luck and Be Safe! Email me directly at jill@onmyway.com if you are having problems. Thanks

jsager15 ,


I love this app. It’s a great way to save money. It’s a little tedious that you have to take a quickly video and I’ve had a little trouble linking it to the post on my social media sometimes. But they do pay you out through venmo or paypal. This isn’t a scam. I’ve received money back each time i got gas. You get .50¢ back for each gallon of gas. So if you get 14 gallons of gas then you get $7 back after you post the video on your social media, and tag two friends. You can also use the money to get free food somewhere or buy items. You just have to post a video to your social media account and fill out the redemption form on the app.

Developer Response ,

Thank you!

Joker poker face ,


You won’t get paid for sharing your data that they are taking. You can see how much money is added as you are driving but if you want to cash out the money that you have earned, you can't. They give you options to use the money you have earned on cheap worthless things and you still have to use your money to be able to purchase any item. It is like you spending your earn money in their store because they do not want to pay the money to you and you still have to pay cash money to complete any purchases. Even though you have enough earn money, they want you to use you cash also. I want to be able to cash out the money I've earned to pay bills and I can't. They won't give you the option for it. I have asked them to delete my account and they told me to wait three days after uninstalling the app. I checked after months and my account ccwas not deleted. I wonder what are they doing with our information. They have gotten more then what they are willing to give. Which is nothing for it.

Spangken ,

Great idea but poor application

I like the idea of the app. I’ve had it for about two years and have accumulated over $2000 in on my way cash. They’re have just not been anything worth redeeming the rewards for. It’s was all modern merch gear which is a cheap brand that breaks and no cash out offers, gift cards, or even options to donate to a charity even.
Now with the new update they’re aren’t any offers for you to redeem the on my way cash for which kinda makes the point of the app unless. You now only offer a true direct shop, some free stuff for uploading a video, and referral items. So what’s the point of having an app that pays you for driving safe if you can’t use the so called money your earning.
I get the idea and think it’s a great way to encourage people to stay off their phones while driving, but it is being presented and implemented poorly. Would like to see some more improvement as you go forward

Developer Response ,

Hi Spangken, Please Update app and give it a look... I think you will be happy! We have added many new deals and Contests Coming this week, plus Crypto is coming so you can convert your OnMyWay Cash... We have also hit 189 Lives saved and Over 29k car Crashes Prevented... Thanks!

RachWill510 ,

Kind of pointless

The idea behind the app is great but it’s honestly kind of pointless. The “rewards” you can redeem only allow you to redeem small amounts of your earned cash, and the earned cash can’t even be redeemed for actual cash as advertised. You need to have like 10 referrals in order to redeem any cash the prizes are cheap and would normally only cost you probably $30 if you bought them somewhere else, but if you buy the “prizes” through this app you get a $50 “gift card” to use and then still have to pay more for the remaining price of the item + shipping. With the latest update, I don’t see any way to redeem money for any kind of prizes or anything. So the idea is cool but as always with these kind of gimmicks, too good to be true. Over two years I’ve “earned” $1600, but it’s basically worthless…

Developer Response ,

Very Confusing... Free Gas, Free Starbucks, Free McDonalds, Etc Etc, plus Free Travel and NFT's and a ton of other stuff is no good? Today we have marked 200 Lives Saved. So Good Luck and Be Safe! Email me directly at jill@onmyway.com if you are having problems. Thanks

firearm72 ,


Well, I at first liked this app beings it stated an in the videos. Thanks “On My Way” and people stopping here and there getting all kinds of drinks and foods for free or in a matter of speaking that is. Due to the fact that “On My Way” paid out. It doesn’t and in which case is really getting to me, or as well annoying my as well. I was or could figure it would be a lot better and payouts to your PayPal account. However it gives that choice and option to do so. But nothing STILL almost a month or better and I am NOT very happy on or with this app as also, you have to stay off your phone as well. Granted I am also an Uber driver and times I am not ubering. I only get a chump change in which nothing ever comes to your account. What’s the purpose of having this app made or useful if your not getting paid in your PayPal account if it’s asking for your PayPal account. Very sad app.

Developer Response ,

Hey Firearm72, I am very confused by this comment, but we will go ahead and turn off your account. If you would like to keep it, we can not have false info being spread and I need you to email me at jill@onmyway.com. Good Luck!

BigBenBugsy ,

Not a scam but is it worth it?

I’ve downloaded the app by looking for ways on passive income websites and this is my take. The app allows you to earn redeemable money for a few cents a mile. Worth it for passive easy money, but the gas/food redeeming is only by recording your order, saying where you live or at, posting it on social “that has to be used frequently and tagging two other friends, and talking in your car or out side the place for 5$ off or $ .50 a gallon off. They need to get rid of that requirement or rules to follow to be worth it. Also we’re is when is crypto coming to the app and what are the requirements. I read it in a response to a review.

Also the merchandise is the quality of wish items you get what you pay for in my mind.

nicoleia14 ,

False advertisement

As I was reading the 5 star reviews I thought hey maybe I’ll give it a shot but then I realized every “bad” comment this apps gotten the creator simply says it’s fake and from a competitor so that right there says a lot because most people would take criticism especially while trying to sell a product much more professional and me as a potential customer/member it doesn’t look really good. anyways I say fake advertisement because I signed up to get the $100 and if you read it says you can qualify to get the money sent to your Venmo or PayPal but no where on the app does it come up for me to be able to get my money sent to my Venmo. It also seems like you have to do a lot more then just “drive safe” to be able to redeem this money. I was reading the reviews about submitting videos? That defeats the whole purpose of “getting paid to drive safe”

Developer Response ,

Hi Nicoleia14, You are correct, we do get fake reviews and respond to them as such. But we definitely take our users feedback seriously and have updated app many times to make user experience the best it can be... 2nd issue of fake ad is not true as we gave you $100 in OnMyWay cash that can be used for over 50 reward offers including Gas, Food, Gift Cards and Travel. If reward is cash based like the Gas reward for instance, we then will send you Venmo or Paypal with the associated cash reward. 3rd issue of submitting Videos on 5 of the offers we currently have, is a requirement by sponsors and is very easy as you do not have to be in video, just show that you used reward as intended. 4th issue of submitting videos, we do not want you to do while driving. Just when you get a moment when pumping gas or eating pizza, etc... If you would like you can email me at jill@onmyway.com and remember WE HAVE SAVED 186 LIVES AND PREVENTED OVER 28K CAR CRASHES!!! That is the greatest reward of all... Thank you for your feedback!!!